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Operation Arctic - Survival in the Eternal Ice

Looking for the father

Almost two more months? No, 13-year-old Julia and the eight-year-old twins Ida and Sindre can't wait that long before they can see their father again. The siblings have just moved with their mother and feel strange in the new environment. After a fight in the schoolyard, the children flee to the local airfield.

Alone in the ice

When Ida and Sindre discover a hole in the fence, Julia cannot stop them: As stowaways, they want to make it on board a helicopter to their papa, who works as a pilot in distant Stavanger in southern Norway. Too bad that the helicopter doesn't fly to Stavanger at all, but to a rescue mission near Spitsbergen. When the children notice the mistake, the pilot and aircraft are gone and they are alone in the middle of the night on an uninhabited island in the arctic winter.

Cohesion of the siblings

Fortunately, the abandoned research station has a few
Food in stock, but the outliers will hardly stand it here forever. How are they supposed to get home again?
Nobody knows the kids are here. The siblings don't just have to be completely on their own
face icy winter storms, but also defend their little food against a hungry polar bear with her cub. An adventure in the ice desert begins, and the siblings realize that they have to be there for each other to survive ...

About the film

This multi-award-winning children's film, based on the children's book of the same name by Leif Hamre from 1971, is extraordinarily captivating and yet made child-friendly. It impresses with breathtaking animal and landscape shots and skilfully combines exciting action scenes with the dynamic development between the siblings. Only a few scenes were produced in the studio - it was mainly shot on the Crescent Island in the Arctic Sea with real polar bears and almost no computer animation. This gives the film one
authentic insight into a unique habitat that is increasingly endangered.

Operation Arktis is a gripping adventure film that skilfully combines action with the story of family cohesion among siblings and also offers exciting entertainment for adults. The Norwegian director Grethe Bøe-Waal stages the fascinating landscape of the North Pole with its crystal-clear lakes, violent weather changes and imposing icebergs - which is life-threatening for the stranded children.
Cornelia Tiller,


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Brief info

Norway 2014
Script & Direction:
Grethe Bøe-Waal
Length: 89 min.
FSK from 6
recommended for ages 8 and up


North Pole, nature, climate change, family, fear, loneliness, survival in the ice, adventure, solidarity, courage, responsibility, self-confidence


Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2015: Prize of the Children's Jury; Children's Film Festival Montreal: Children's Jury Prize and ECFA Prize; Amanda Film Prize Norway: best children's and youth film and other awards and nominations from international festivals.


Kaisa Gurine Antonsen (Julia), Ida Leonora V. Eike (Ida), Leonard V. Eike (Sindre), Nicolai C. Broch (father), Line Verndal (mother) and others

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