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WhatsApp Status: 135+ WhatsApp Status sayings for every occasion

Here is a list with many WhatsApp status sayings (funny WhatsApp status pictures, WhatsApp love sayings, beautiful and sweet WhatsApp texts and sayings, stupid questions and sad sayings for your WhatsApp status. Let's start!

Love sayings for WhatsApp status

This type of WhatsApp status sayings also comes in different forms and on this list of WhatsApp sayings about love you will find love sayings that are short, funny love sayings, love sayings to think about, love sayings for him, all mixed up and you can easily pick and choose whichever you want publish it so that your WhatsApp status expresses love.

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1. I only have one weakness. Namely you.

2. When a shooting star fell from the sky yesterday, I wanted you.

3. Flowers need sunshine and I need you to be happy!

4. Never forget someone you've ever loved. But never love someone who has forgotten you!

5. I am yours with skin and hair, with heart and soul on top of that!

6. Only those who really love know love.

7. Love is… when you wake up to find out that the night was not a dream.

8. He who loves too often never really loves.

9. I would never have believed that such a thing existed, but I fell madly in love with you!

10. I will wait for you because I don't want anyone else.

11. The very best here on earth is to be loved by you.

12. A day without you is like a life without light ... unimaginable!

13. The proof of love is trust.

14. Nearby, but also in the distance, my little heart thinks of you.

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15. I know that milk makes you beautiful, but you must have really drunk tons of it.

16. You shine brighter than the sun - but now please turn off the light, I'm too tired!

17. You are the salt in my soup - hot and tasty!

18. I can't eat anything in the morning because I love you! At noon I can not eat because I love you! I can't eat anything in the evening because I love you! I can not sleep at night because I'm hungry!

19. I just got a call from Heaven. They miss an angel. Don't worry, I haven't betrayed you!

20. You're as sweet as a cream cake - you always want more!

21. With you I always feel like on an expedition in Antarctica - freezing cold, but beautiful!

22. I am here and you are there, which means one of us is in the wrong place.

23. Attention! Your cell phone has the I-Love-You virus. To delete it you have to email me back that you love me.

24. A day with you is like a bathtub full of champagne.

25. To love, to really and truly love, means to know what hurts the other person.

26. Sometimes we forget the memories but not the person.

27. There is a force that is stronger than anything else, a force that keeps us going: love.

28. Love finds you when you stop hiding.

29. You don't love the person with whom you always have fun, but the one without whom you find everything stupid.

30. My heart belongs to you. Forever. Love me cause i live through you

31. I've seen rainbows in all their glory. The great wide space on a starry night. I've seen sunsets that make you cry, but never a face as beautiful as yours.

32. When I saw your eyes, I didn't realize what was happening to me.

33. You should always have the most important things in life with you: I'm just wondering how to stuff you into my handbag?

34. I'm not perfect, you are not perfect, but our love is perfect.

35. There are many languages ​​to say what can and cannot be ... but I know one thing, I love you.

36. You only give my life meaning through you!

37. It is dark tonight, but you made my heart shine.

38. Two things are infinite. The universe and true love.

39. I wanted to send you something beautiful, dear, sensitive and erotic, but unfortunately I'm not paying attention to the display.

40. You asked what I love! And I replied with MY LIFE. You left disappointed, but did not understand that YOU are my life!

41. I love every second with you. I am the happiest girl in the world!

42. You are my elixir of life - you should only have informed me about the risks and side effects!

43. When you are not with me, I feel like half a person.

44. Don't fall in love with the most beautiful people in the world, fall in love with the one who makes your world the most beautiful.

45. It is easy to be loved. But it is difficult to give love.

Funny pictures for WhatsApp status

Here you have a combination of WhatsApp pictures and sayings that are funny and that will put a smile on many people's faces. Together they will be funny WhatsApp sayings that will fit you perfectly if you ever want to be a joker.

1. Chocolate doesn't solve problems, but neither does an apple.

2. Did I say “open the garbage can” or why are you talking to me?

3. You are not 30. You are 18 with 12 years of experience.

4. Friendship is when you don't clean up when the visitor comes.

5. I bring the problems with me - you bring the alcohol.

6. Whoever has the voodoo doll of mine. Please stop feeding them all the time.

7. I'm not small, just space-saving.

8. In the next life I will be a coffee maker. You are loved, you get attention all day, and you are constantly depressed.

9. Students don't have to worry about using WhatsApp. Their spelling ensures that their messages are sufficiently encrypted.

10. When life turns you down, go shopping!

Sweet WhatsApp status texts

If you need cute texts to send to someone, this list can be helpful for you. Here you are sure to find a few texts that you will like and they will also be sure to please the people you send them to. These texts will definitely be successful WhatsApp sayings.

1. If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see you through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me.

2. Your eyes sparkle brighter than the stars in the night.

3. I fall in love with you every day and hope that we can stay together forever.

4. You are the greatest treasure in the world! I love you even without money!

5. If you only knew how much these little moments with you are important to me.

6. In winter I don't have to wear a hat anymore, because I'm in love now.

7. You are just someone to the world, but to me you are the whole world.

8. Just when I think that it is impossible to love you more than I already do, you are proving otherwise.

9. You give me strength - and still make me weak again and again.

10. If you don't know who the most beautiful person in the world is, read the second word again.

11. The most beautiful make-up you can wear is your smile.

12. Love is to let the other take on the last piece of chocolate.

13. When two hearts beat for each other and you stick together, even the heaviest is easy to carry and this world is doubly beautiful.

14. True love means not looking each other in the eye, but looking in the same direction.

15. I love you more than yesterday, but not more than tomorrow.

16. Love is a great disease - two people always have to go to bed.

17. My dream house can be small, broken and shabby ... the main thing is that your last name is on the doorbell!

18. Relationships are like the sea - sometimes quick and wild, then again gentle and constant. Only those who live in harmony with the waves will be able to hold onto their happiness consistently.

19. Sometimes I wish I could do magic. Then I would let it rain to make a rainbow that I can walk to you.

20. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it back.

21. If I were a brake light I would blush every time you walk by so I can stare at you longer.

22. Thanks to you, my reality looks more beautiful than my most beautiful dreams.

23. A man can love a million girls, but a true man loves a girl in a thousand different ways

24. One night, very quietly and quietly, a kiss sets out on the journey. It flies to you very secretly and you know what? It comes from me.

25. Years and months pass and are gone forever. But a moment with you shines for a lifetime!

26. When you look at the sky and steal an asterisk, press it, kiss it, think of me - because the asterisk, that's me.

27. Nothing and nobody can resist you. I am the best example of this.

28. You are so hot. Fortunately, I'm not an ice cube, otherwise there would only be a wet stain on the stool.

29. I have to think about you all day and all night, I keep trying to distract myself, I'm just so glad that there is someone like you, because I'm in love with you!

30. First we saw each other, then we wanted each other, now we love each other!

Stupid WhatsApp status questions

Now we have a list of stupid questions. This list is also made up of many types of stupid questions, most of which are funny and funny, but some are just plain stupid. No matter which one you choose to post it on your WhatsApp status as a WhatsApp saying or to send it to someone, you will surely make a laugh with this message.

You can also ask your friends some questions and pretend you are serious and thus kid them. You can also use some stupid questions sarcastically because they're so stupid that they're funny in turn.

1. Do zebras actually have white or black stripes?

2. Why is there always so much happening in the world that it fits exactly in a newspaper?

3. Why run noses while feet smell?

4. I swallowed a whole ice cube and it has not come out yet. What to do?

5. My girlfriend wants to break up, me too, what should we do?

6. Are there coffee breaks in a tea factory?

7. Have to get out at 7 am, now it's 4 am, is it worth staying up?

8. Why is it actually never busy if you dial the wrong number while calling?

9. If it is 0 degrees today and it is supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold will it be tomorrow?

10. Are chickens birds or animals?

11. Can I safely look at a photo of the sun? Or would I break my eyes in the process?

12. How do bodybuilders manage to be totally hairless?

13. A thermos keeps you warm in winter and cold in summer. But how does she know when it is summer and when it is winter?

14. If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, will we ever know?

15. How can I find out if I am really the mother of my baby?

16. If rapeseed oil is made from rapeseed, what about baby oil?

17. Question: Is pasta hot pasta because it was dough before?

18. Why is my cat vibrating? As I approached my cat today, I heard a faint hum. I put my hand on the cat and felt it vibrate. Why does it vibrate?

19. Which is healthier: three four-grain rolls or four three-grain rolls?

20. Can I use a bedspread at night?

21. What is the opposite of the opposite?

22. Why is your lap only there when you are sitting?

23. The thoughts are free! Why don't they go away?

24. What color does a Smurf get when you choke it?

25. At what speed does darkness spread?

Sad WhatsApp status sayings

The last kind in this text are sad WhatsApp sayings for thought. They are very deep and will make everyone think as they read them.

1. I hope you get what you want ... But I still hope that I am.

2. With tears in my eyes I look at this damn "online" and hope that it changes to "writes ...".

3. Sad people laugh best because they know what happiness means.

4. That you make me so sad should show you how happy you could have made me!

5. I don't cry because I'm sad, I cry because I've been strong too long.

6. Not all are happy who seem happy. Some only smile to keep from crying.

7. Better to lose everything and have you than have everything and lose yourself.

8. You cannot look to the future with a smile when your eyes are still full of tears from the past.

9. Time does not heal a wound, you just get used to the pain!

10. Laughing is good, crying is necessary.

11. One word is enough to make a person cry, but it takes 1,000 words to wipe the tears away!

12. I gave up myself out of love for you. It would have been better if I had done without you out of love for myself.

13. You die your own death, unfortunately you have to live with the death of another!

14. Only when you stumble do you pay attention to the path.

15. Love can break. But nobody can take your most beautiful memories away from you.

16. A person has 206 bones, and yet the heart is broken most often.

17. Good deeds are quickly forgotten - your mistakes never.

18. A mouth can laugh even when the heart is crying.

19. At some point you stop waiting and start forgetting.

20. And then you lie in your bed - staring at the ceiling and thinking about all your mistakes.

21. Sometimes it is not right to do the wrong thing, but it is also not wrong to do the right thing.

22. I haven't had pets for years, but I've always been out with rats.

23. The day will come when you will need me again, but then I won't care.

24. We weren't as strangers as we are now when we first met.

25. It's great that you were able to delete me from your life so easily, I haven't made it until today.