Who are EMR consultants

About the EMRSafety and orientation in empirical medicine

The empirical medical register, or EMR for short, is a division of Eskamed AG. The company from Basel has been active in the health sector since 1986. Originally set up as a communication agency for medical topics, the company specialized in quality assurance in empirical medicine in 1999 and developed the EMR quality label.

founding year1999
Number of employees60
Therapists with an EMR quality label23'800
Managing Director Eskamed AG / EMRFran├žoise is alive
Deputy Head of EMRChristoph Nyfeler, Armin Rinklin


The revision of the Health Insurance Act KVG in 1994 brought about fundamental changes for empirical medicine in Switzerland. This also included the strict separation of remuneration via basic insurance and supplementary insurance. At that time, the insurers lacked the appropriate assessment criteria to decide which therapists were well trained and could therefore be recognized as service providers. That is why five large insurers founded an interest group and commissioned Dr. med. Silva Keberle and her company, Eskamed AG, to find a solution for the field of non-medical empirical medicine.

Eskamed AG then developed a quality label as a standard for experiential therapists. In 1999, the empirical medical register EMR started its work: From now on, therapists no longer needed to seek recognition from each insurer individually. Instead, it is sufficient to register once for the EMR quality label in order to get on the lists of the affiliated insurers.

Twenty years later, the EMR quality label is known throughout Switzerland and is valued by the majority of health insurers as well as by authorities and patient organizations as a reliable benchmark.