How do I organize my WordPress website

Move Wordpress to another folder

If you want to run several Wordpress installations on your web space, it is often necessary to change the directory structure. Here are a few instructions.

Often the directory “” is changed to eg. “”

An error will appear the next time the page is called up.

Not Found

The requested URL ... was not found on this server

The database must be adjusted here:

Change setting via phpMyAdmin:

The table "Wp-options" select and the data record of the "siteurl" edit, just click on the pencil icon.

The new URL is entered here and confirmed with OK.

Then you have to log in under “”

At “Settings - General” change the blog address (url).

On "Apply changes" don't forget to click.

Then the site should work.

If the settings are made before moving the files, a change in the database is not necessary.

In some cases it may be necessary to have the index.php in the main directory of Wordpress.
The following line must be changed:

require ('./ wordpress / wp-blog-header.php');


require ('./ blog / wp-blog-header.php');

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