It becomes difficult to become an Android developer

Developing an app - How difficult is my idea?

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In a nutshell: From your sentences it can be seen that programming is not necessarily your hobbyhorse

But in the implementation you envisaged above, you need in-depth knowledge and, above all, practical experience.
As an example I cite that you have to be fit in the graphic implementation, which has to be interactive with the user. In principle you also use it to build an "Aldi" version of PS.
(Polygon flood fill, vectorization etc etc)

In your case, it will take several weeks and months of intensive work until you have set up the first prototype.
Then comes the practical test, taking into account the various resolutions, screen dimensions and the support of the various manufacturers.

Even a die-hard developer would have to put a good portion of man-hours into it, your mentioned Euro 1000+ are rather "understatement"

And at the very end I would like to mention that it will be very difficult to bring your above-mentioned "added value" to the man - even if you are fit in marketing -
In this industry you can only achieve your goal with a very large budget in marketing costs.

And as you already mentioned, these types of apps are a dime a dozen

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