How did Jethro Tull get her name

Band names - origin, meaning & anecdotes

Barclay James Harvest
Barclay James Harvest founding members pulled the words of the name out of a hat.

Big in Iowa (Americana band)
Someone of a band member's uncle was already playing in a rock 'n' roll band in the 50 'and one day this uncle got an offer from a certain Jerry Lee Lewis whether he (the uncle) would like to change his backing band to Jerry Lee Lewis. But the uncle declined with thanks and said "our band is really big in Iowa right now" so big in Iowa. Nothing came of the uncle's band (despite Big in Iowa), after all Jerry Lee Lewis was able to buy several Cadillacs shortly afterwards.

Gov’t Mule
The name was given to the band by Jaimoe, the drummer of the Allman Brothers Band. Jaimoe is from Mississippi. There the term government mule is sometimes used to describe a woman's fat rump.

Johnny Hates Jazz
The naming corresponds to the name. A friend of the band was called Johnny and he hated jazz. Witless? No matter.


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