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For Seat cushions (chairs / benches) we recommend a thickness between 4 and 6 cm. This thickness is the rule for such upholstery. With a body weight of up to 80KG, please select the PUR foam quality RG35 / 50. If the foam is exposed to a higher weight load or if the padding should be thinner than 4 cm, please select the PUR foam quality RG40 / 60.

At Upholstered furniture (sofas / lounge furniture / sun loungers) the foam should be at least 8cm thick. Then you achieve a pleasantly "cozy" upholstery effect. We always recommend cold foam for this. You should choose the cold foam HR50 / 40 (degree of hardness 2) up to 80KG body weight, or the cold foam HR50 / 50 (degree of hardness 3) for a weight over 80-90KG. Since everyone has different feelings and preferences regarding the strength of an upholstery, you can also use the PUR foam RG35 / 50 if you want a very firm seat pad. The PUR foam Qual. RG40 / 60, on the other hand, would be almost like a board with a thickness of 10cm or more.

At Backrestsit looks a little different again. Since you only lean against it and do not build up any real pressure, PUR foam RG25 / 40 is usually sufficient for firmer ones, cold foam HR50 / 30 (degree of hardness 1) for softer back cushions or cold foam HR50 / 40 (degree of hardness 2). For thick backrests (sofas or lounge furniture) we definitely recommend the cold foam HR50 / 30.
The reason for this is that the padding always feels firmer, the thicker the foam.
If you think of ONE sheet of paper compared to a phone book, then the book is also much stronger than a single sheet of paper.

For one mattresswe always recommend a thickness from approx. 13cm upwards. The thicker the foam is chosen here, the more comfortable it is to lie on. Cold foam should always be used for this purpose. Depending on personal preference of HR50 / 30 (degree of hardness 1, up to a maximum of 50KG body weight), HR50 / 40 (degree of hardness 2, at approx. 50-80KG body weight) or HR50 / 50 (degree of hardness 3, from approx. 80-90KG body weight upwards) . The visco-elastic foam GV50 / 30 can be used as an optimal addition to the cold foam mattresses. This is simply placed on top of the mattress below with a thickness of 4-6cm. This makes you lie on clouds, as the foam reacts to pressure and temperature. Without pressure and with precise contours. Can also be used as an anti-decubitus pad.

The HR50 / 30 is also ideal as a Baby / toddler mattress to use. Here also from a thickness of approx. 7-8cm.
Since ALL of our homogeneous foams are ├ľkoTex Standard 100 Class 1 certified, you don't have to worry about the health of your loved ones or yourself. On request, we will be happy to send you the relevant certificate from our raw material manufacturer.

in the Camping areaYou can also use the PUR foam RG35 / 50 in a thickness of 7-8cm as a mattress, since in this area you always have to pay attention to the weight of the material and the available space. Should the document e.g. For a roof tent, the PUR foam RG40 / 60 with a thickness between 3-5cm is used. Here, however, customers are also aware that they do not offer the comfort they are accustomed to at home.

The Composite foamVB100 / VB120 / VB140 is mostly used as a stable and very robust base for play mats (e.g. indoor playground, kindergarten, etc.) or for sports and sprung floors. Sensitive and heavy goods are also often secured with this composite material.

At Packaging solutions we almost exclusively recommend the PUR foam RG25 / 40. This is dark gray / anthracite and therefore remains unchanged in color for a long time despite UV radiation, secures your products and makes a noble impression.

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