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Small overview of the frequently asked questions and problems

We have greatly simplified this page and have reworked all the important information on the How it works page. There is also a page for teachers with more detailed information on the class game.

1. How does “Maths in Advent” work?

The rules are very simple. You can find them on the How It Works page. To play you have to log in with your "Maths in Advent" account. If you don't already have one, you can register a new account.

In order for everything to work, you still have to after registration confirm your email address. You can also use your parents' email address to register. Siblings can set up two (or more) accounts with one email address.

2. I'm not that good at math, can I still participate?

Yes, absolutely - “Maths in Advent” is for everyone! The tasks require little specialist knowledge. You just have to start thinking a little bit about the daily problem and you will surely find your way to the solution. "Maths in Advent" connects Math with fun, Creativity and little stories about the Christmas elves. You will discover meaningful applications of mathematics in life that you may not know before.

Everything becomes easier as a team - so it's best to play together with the whole class! And even if you don't get all of the tasks correctly, you are sure to have fun and with a bit of luck you can still win a class or individual prize (or both).

3. How does the competition work? What can i win?

You have the chance to win something at "Maths in Advent", for which you have to register for the competition after registering. You can alone Single game take part. You can also join your class on the Class game take part. To do this, your teacher has to create the class first.

Then you should answer as many tasks as possible correctly. There is one point for each correct answer. Overall, you can maximum24 Achieve points. For more information, see the How It Works page. You can see which prizes you can win on the prizes page.

5. How does the joker work in "Maths in Advent"?

How you can use the Joker is explained in detail on the Joker page.

6. Why is there an additional task?

Many of you get 24 points every year. The main prizes in the single game always had to be drawn. We have often been asked to determine the winners more fairly. We implement this with the additional task. You can now influence which place you end up in the end.

The additional task is usually an estimation task and decides on the final placement in "Maths in Advent". You will find the task on December 15th. in your account on your home page. You can answer the task until December 22nd, 11:00 p.m.

7. What does participation cost?

Registering a “Maths in Advent” account as a student, teacher or fun player is free of charge. You can also take part in the single game for free.

For the Registration for the class game A small entry fee is currently required, which partially finances the project. It is paid in the teacher account. In certain regions, the entry fee is paid for by a foundation or a company. All information can be found on the page The class game for teachers.

8. I forgot my password. What can I do?

You can request a new password. Click on "Login" on the start page and then on the "Forgot password" button below the input field. You can then enter your email address and click on the "Request new password" button. You will then receive an email from us. (Danger: This can take a while now and then. Please also check your spam folder.)

You can find one in this email Confirmation link that you have to click. This link will take you to a page where you can set a new password.

9. I forgot my username. What can I do?

If you don't remember your username or password, click on Forgot Password and have an email sent to you with the information about your password and username.

10. I have assigned myself to the wrong class / school. How can I change this?

You can access at any time from Class game and then log in again with the correct data. In this way, you can then also choose the right class or school. You can also create a new school there if your school is not in the selection list.

The easiest way to assign it to your class is to use the Invitation link that your teacher can send you via email, SMS or WhatsApp. This also works if you are already assigned to a class.

11. I would like to change my data (email address, etc.). Where can i do that?

You can change your email address, your password or your username at any time in your settings.

12. Can I propose tasks myself?

Yes very much! Just send us your ideas at The tasks should offer creative access to areas of mathematics that are not so often found in school books. It would also be nice if you embed the task in the pixie world and write a little solution.

Deadline is June 30th. The tasks will then take part in the next task competition and, with a bit of luck, will be selected for the next calendar.

13. I want to delete my Maths in Life account. How does this work?

If you want to delete your account, you can do that yourself. To do this, log in to, go to "Settings" in the top right menu and click on the "Delete account" button. Then follow the further steps.

Didn't find your question or problem?

Then please have a look at the How it works page. There you will find everything you need to know about "Maths in Advent".
If you don't find a sufficient answer there either, you can send us a message. Please use our contact form for this.

Questions from parents and other interested parties

If you would like to take part in “Maths in Advent” as a guest (outside grades 2-10), please set up a fun account. There you can solve the tasks of both calendars as you wish - without a chance of winning.

Registration is free, a donation helps us to continue the project. As a non-profit GmbH, we are entitled to issue donation receipts. You can find more about this and other funding opportunities on the Funding and Donations page.