How did you afford your first home

We can't afford a house! How do all the other homeowners do it?


We are an "average family", I would say.

Our monthly net income is currently around € 4000-4500. I am on parental leave, but my parental allowance (Elterngeld Plus) is quite low because I only worked 18 hours a week between the first and second child. Between child 2 and child 3 I stopped working and I will probably be at home for the next few years.

I started my professional life at 19, my husband at 17. We had our first child when I was 25 and he was 27.

We live in the suburb of an expensive city, so real estate prices look accordingly.

Actually, we always wanted a detached house with a large garden.
It has become a mid-terrace house with a towel garden. Somewhere you have to compromise and it wasn't enough for more

We built a new building and it cost us around € 400,000. We financed 260,000 of them. So our equity was already quite good, I think that's very important. On the one hand we have saved a lot, on the other hand we simply don't live wastefully.

I know many who wonder where their money is going. But then they have lots of animals, buy coffee to go and energy drinks without end, and maybe even smoke. Then there is always new clothes, shoes, always going out on the weekend, going out to eat a lot. That sucks! For some it may be the standard of living, it is not for us.

We like to spend money on good food, but we don't go to restaurants much. We buy good clothes when we need to, but it doesn't have to be a pair of shoes every month. So far only as examples.

The only thing where we left real money before was for vacation. We have made a long-haul trip every year for the past decade, we are saving that now and prefer to put the money into the special repayment.

We did not inherit, but our families helped us a little with equity.

I don't really have a real tip, except maybe check the expenses again whether there are savings opportunities to increase the equity.