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Get digestive problems under control thanks to Cara Care - a field report

Since I travel a lot for work, I found the preparation in digital form very practical.

Janine A.

The Hamburg resident had been suffering from chronic gastritis and heartburn for years when she became aware of Cara Care. “At the time, I was being treated by the gastroenterologist,” she says. “He prescribed anti-acid medication for me, which also helped. I also tried to get the symptoms under control with over-the-counter home remedies such as healing clay. ”A change in diet was also part of the treatment. Janine A. began to look for a system to change her eating habits. She tried a lot, ate smaller and less fatty meals, spiced less spicy and tried to avoid so-called acidifiers such as chocolate, white flour products and coffee. “Since I'm not an expert, I had to use the trial and error principle - some helped, others didn't.” In the BKK Mobil Oil newsletter, she read about the online program Cara Care Introduce preventive and supportive measures, ”she says. “As I travel a lot for work, I found the digital format to be very practical. I could imagine the possibility of not having to drive to a specific location for appointments as very helpful in everyday life. "