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Sebastian Fitzek's writing tips that will make you a better author

With over 10 million books sold and 25 bestsellers, Sebastian Fitzek is currently one of the most successful German-speaking authors. If anyone knows anything about writing, it is him. He shared his writing tips with us, which will make you a better author.

Writing tips: Get started and write your story

Many want to fulfill their dream of their own novel. But not everyone can really complete a book. One thing above all else is needed for writing: time to turn an idea into a story and, in the end, into a book.

There are numerous tips on how you can stick with it and finally get your finished novel in your hands. Sebastian Fitzek's online course can accompany you on your journey. We have summarized a few of his writing tips for you here:

Sebastian's writing tip 1: Let yourself be inspired

Before you start writing, you need an idea: What should your story be about? Only when you have clarified this question can you start developing your plot. According to Sebastian Fitzek, the inspiration for a book idea usually comes naturally:

The initial spark often comes from everyday life. Of course, you also need a slightly different, oblique perspective on life for this.

So let yourself be inspired by your everyday life. Successful authors usually get their ideas from life. These don't necessarily have to be stories that happened to yourself or someone close to you. Newspaper articles or current events can also inspire authors.

Sometimes it is also seemingly banal thoughts that give you a book idea. In his online course, Sebastian Fitzek tells you about the everyday situations that sparked some of his bestsellers.

Sebastian's writing tip 2: Create the best writing conditions

One of the most important factors to be able to write better is the right setting. Sebastian Fitzek recommends always writing at a permanent place of work. For some, this is the in-house desk. Others go to a café or a library. The question of the right place is completely individual. The main thing is that you can immerse yourself and work in your own world undisturbed.

According to Sebastian Fitzek, regular working hours are also important. This is the only way you can create continuity and effectively write your book. Just test at which times you can work best: rather in the morning, in the afternoon or even at night?

Sebastian's writing tip 3: Set yourself a deadline

Writing a book is a project that will take time and perseverance. One of the most important tips for authors is therefore: Set yourself a deadline. So a very specific time by which your book should be ready. Sebastian Fitzek sets about four months for his books. Other authors a whole year.

At first you have to weigh up how much time you can invest: someone who works full-time as a writer or who can take a few months off for a book has completely different options than someone who has another profession. It is important that you set a time frame that is realistic for you.

Plan your writing: Set a certain time when you want to sit at your desk and also a writing duration. Some authors also set a certain number of words that they want to write per day. How you proceed here is up to you, as long as you create continuity.

Deadlines build up the pressure you need to really work on your book. Sebastian Fitzek doesn't let himself get out of his flow even by holidays or birthdays: In his writing phases he has to write every day - without exception.

Additional writing tip: Develop your characters

In order to be able to tell your story, you need characters: heroes, anti-heroes, villains, etc. As an author, you have to know these characters very well so that you do not make any logic errors when writing. If a character in a scene is described with full black hair and a big nose, three chapters later he shouldn't suddenly appear upturned and bald.

So that you do not make such mistakes, you can sketch a profile for each of your figures, which you can use as a guide. You can even write entire biographies for the main characters, which can be at least a full page long. As an author, you are ultimately the creator of your characters. In the course of the writing process you will notice how your characters develop all by themselves. The biographies help you to keep track of things and to create characters with depth.

If you would like to receive more writing tips from Sebastian Fitzek, we recommend his online course. Learn what to look for when developing your characters, how to build tension and how to continue once your first draft is finished. Get started today and write your very own story.