What will the next emojis be?

We reported in spring that there will be no new emojis in 2021. That has changed since then, but it won't be a normal emoji release.

Google already showed a preview for new emojis a few days ago and now there are the details for 2021 from Emojipedia. In short: Unicode 13 is currently still being implemented by the manufacturers, and Unicode 13.1 will be an update for 2021.

Emojis: Small selection for 2021

The update is also called "Emoji 13.1" update and it remains the same: Unicode 14 will not come until 2022. There will be new emojis next year, but the number of brand new emojis is very limited with 5 emojis. Below you can see that this is mostly about more options for the emojis.

There will be three new faces and two hearts, but no new animals or objects. The emoji update is even planned for the end of 2020, but it often takes a few weeks before it reaches users. For Android and iOS, we will therefore probably only see the new emojis at the beginning of 2021.

My guess is that the Pixel smartphones come with a feature drop and will later be integrated into Android 12. Apple is likely to introduce the new emojis with iOS and iPadOS 14.X (depending on how far you are at the beginning of 2021).

Emojis: New timeline introduced

With this update, the timeline of the emoji updates will also change, because from now on they should not be finalized until the end of the year and not the beginning of the year. So far, the new emojis were finalized in spring and arrived on the respective devices over the summer and autumn.

We'll see whether Apple will wait for iOS 16 for the Emoji 14 update, for example, or whether this will be introduced with iOS 15.X in spring 2022. At Google, I assume that many always have to wait for the major update of Android, since Google stopped the point updates of Android a few years ago.

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