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Posing for Photos: 6 Tips to Look Good

Cheeeese! Posing for photos is such a thing in itself. Some people seem to be able to do it naturally, others don't even manage to look like a normal person in pictures. Do you also count yourself among the latter problem cases and wish to become more photogenic? Then read through our six ultimate tips on how to achieve something with the right pose.

As soon as a camera is pointed at you, do you quickly find the distance or throw your hands in front of your face? Then you are either simply not a fan of photos or you are well aware that the result can only be terrible. No matter how much effort some people put in posing for photos and selfies, put on the sweetest smile, sit upright, just want to present the chocolate side: the result looks creepy every time. The grin looks more like baring teeth, the eyes are abnormally wide and the pose couldn't have been more unfavorable. Before you hide from photos all your life and only want to stand behind the camera, here are a few tips for you on how you can still get the best out of yourself.

Posing for photos: With these 6 tips it finally works!

1. Proper preparation in terms of clothing and make-up

In order to look good in a photo, you should of course first dress up as finely as possible or at least style yourself so that you feel comfortable. This is what you radiate on the picture. So put together a great outfit for the occasion and follow your usual make-up routine. You can practically touch up small pimples and other blemishes on your own. Also make sure that the hair is sitting correctly and, if necessary, fix it with hairspray or something similar. The whole thing has nothing to do with posing, but it creates the right basis so that you feel comfortable in your body and so stand in front of the camera much more relaxed.

2. Find the correct position when posing for photos

Sit down or stand upright? Depending on how you feel more comfortable, you can look good in both positions. The only important thing is: It is essential to maintain a straight posture! This includes: Chest out, stomach in and not let your shoulders sag, but pull them back slightly. Of course, the whole thing shouldn't look too stiff, which is why it's best to practice your body tension a few times in front of the mirror at home. So you automatically have the right pose the next time the camera is lurking. By the way, you can find great ideas for posing in family photos here!

3. Align your face with the angle of the camera!

Is someone pointing the camera at you from below? Then that's not exactly nice. Because photographed from a frog's perspective, you automatically appear bulkier. In such a case, a lowered gaze can also lead to a nasty double chin. So make sure that you are photographed either at eye level or even slightly above. The proportions look much more flattering. At eye level, a slightly lowered gaze with eyes directed into the camera looks sexy instead of unfavorable.

4. Little Posing Tricks: A sideways or S-pose

Let's learn from the stars and models who regularly pose on red carpets and catwalks. One of the most important rules: If possible, do NOT stand in front of a camera, it is best to turn to the side. This also helps that you automatically look a bit slimmer in pictures. Here in particular, don't forget to pull in your stomach and take posture! The S-posture is also popular with celebrities: Put your hand on your hips, slide them outwards and lean your upper body slightly in the opposite direction. The legs are automatically slightly bent, whereby one can also stand in front of the other for an additional slim effect. In this way you automatically bring a feminine curve into your body and also look more dynamic than if you were just standing there rigid and straight. And: by resting your hand on your hips, you create space between your arm and your waist, which makes both appear slimmer and not pressed against each other. An alternative: Put your hands loosely in your trouser pockets and let your arms stick out minimally from your body. As you can see, here are a few tricks that you can follow to show your chocolate side!

5. Breathe and stay relaxed

It is actually clear that as a model or at least a random photo object you shouldn't forget to breathe. But some are so tense and stressed when posing for photos that they completely forget to take a deep breath from time to time. Unfortunately, you can see the print on the photo. If you notice that you are completely stiff, turn away for a moment, close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath. After that, it immediately smiles a little more relaxed. By the way, you shouldn't exaggerate here. Instead of opening your mouth wide and laughing almost hysterically, a small smile is enough, with which you only show some teeth or hide them completely. By the way, sometimes an intense look without a smile can also look beautiful. After all, who says that everyone has to shine happily in a picture?

6. Become photogenic = look natural

Neither a cramped posture nor a strained, forced smile ever look good in pictures. If you generally feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, but cannot escape the situation, then try not to go wild. Naturalness is always the better way to get a beautiful photo! So don't take a strange posture that you would otherwise never do or force a beam smile, even though you don't feel like it at the moment. If you feel insecure, it also helps to communicate with the photographer. So he can give you directions and help you a bit to find the perfect pose.

You can watch a detailed video on posing for photos here:

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