What do you mean by blunt

  1. Hello Ralf, you can increase the decimal places for the weight in the parameters. But be careful, many shipping service providers only support 2 decimal places. Best wishes.

  2. then please write an email to support so that we can store the current version.

  3. Hello Leo, to be honest I have no idea what exactly is going on. I would have to take a closer look at this via the teamviewer in order to be able to help you. Best wishes.

  4. Then unfortunately you have to wait for the next free update. I know that the interface works with the current version. Best wishes.

  5. Hello Rene, do you have a second computer where you can try that?

  6. Hello Leo, can you please click on "Designer" as soon as the message appears. Which report should then be opened? Best wishes

  7. Hello nuhz, yes, the supplier must be created to post documents on them. You can only add the receipts from date X using drag and drop, as there is no mass import. Best wishes.

  8. Hello Rene, yes that looks right. What is the error exactly? Best wishes.

  9. Hello Artemisia, was Thunderbird updated to the current version? When I google then I see that Thunderbird has / had various problems with the Mapi. Best wishes.

  10. Hello ElekTrade, for rentals there is an extra rental module that is not activated in the free version. Best wishes.

  11. Hello Kintatsu, this is only active when you activate online banking. The online banking module is chargeable. Best wishes.

  12. Hello Rene, if you want to use DHL Express you have to enter the login details with the sender. Attention DHL2 and DHL Express are not the same. Best wishes.

  13. Hello Karin, can you please send us a screenshot of the error message? Is the import / export path set correctly? Best wishes.

  14. Hello nuhz, why should the original PDF be saved in Vario? It is sufficient to enter a purchase receipt so that it is also transferred to the financial accounting. Otherwise there is no mass import for incoming or sales documents. Best wishes.

  15. Hello colored linen, yes, there is a parameter setting that will only charge freight costs for the first delivery. Best wishes.