What does Gamora think of itself?

To find & kill Thanos: The new Guardians of the Galaxy couldn't be more absurd

Thanos is dead. The Mad Titan was in Infinity Warsmurdered by his own foster daughter Gamora. However, that doesn't stop him from continuing to cause stress in the Marvel Universe. And that's why the new Guardians of the Galaxy are brought into being, which are more absurd than ever.

Marvel presents the new Guardians of the Galaxy

But first back to the beginning: After Thanos was beheaded by Gamora, his brother Eros called a council to recruit the most powerful fighters in the galaxy for his cause. Thanos is not as dead as the universe would like it to be: The mad Titan implanted consciousness in another person in order to survive his own death.

But before they could agree on a plan, the party was blown up by the Black Order - Thanos' former lieutenants who wanted to salvage the body of their ex-boss. To stand a chance against powerful Marvel heroes like Adam Warlock, Gladiator and the Silver Surfer, the Black Order shot a black hole in the middle of the gathering ... what very few survived: The new Guardians of the Galaxy. And they are made up of the following (anti) heroes:

How long this team of the new Guardians of the Galaxy will remain, however, is questionable: Marvel has already teased that the Dark Guardians of the Galaxy will also be formed in 2019 - consisting of Gladiator, Eros, Nebula, Wraith and ... the Cosmic Ghost Rider. It is most likely that Peter Quill's new Guardians will break over how to deal with the potential "new Thanos".

How does Thanos return from the dead?

Marvel has already promised to introduce "the new Thanos" in 2019. This is undoubtedly the person in whom the mad Titan implanted his consciousness. Eros has identified some possible candidates (before his excursion into the black hole) that would be powerful enough for such a procedure: Among others, the Hulk, Mephisto, Daredevil, Gamora, Venom and even Deadpool. However, that doesn't mean it actually has to hit any of them.

However, the Black Order knows nothing about this: The former lieutenants of Thanos have recovered his body in order to resuscitate their ex-boss at the behest of Hela. However, they are missing their heads at the moment. In addition, Proxima Midnight does not seem convinced of Hela's plan. After all, in death Thanos is connected to the person he loves most: Lady Death. And maybe not even the goddess of death should change that ...

The most important information about Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy # 1 has been available from Marvel Comics since January 23, 2019. The future of the MCU Guardians and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3 remains uncertain after Marvel's dismissal of director James Gunn.

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