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Rain jackets for men: Not just waterproof

What is a good rain jacket for men?

Waterproof and breathable - these two buzzwords are closely related to functional rain jackets or hardshell jackets. In practice, this means that a good rain jacket should not only reliably keep the rain out, but also transport the body moisture that has developed inside to the outside.

This functionality is achieved through the use of modern textile laminates with an integrated weather protection or climate membrane. Many manufacturers of high-quality outdoor rain jackets rely on branded membranes such as Gore-Tex, Dermizax and Sympatex. So-called in-house membranes - the manufacturer's in-house textile technologies - are also used. One example of this is Powertex from Salewa. These are usually cheaper and good value for money.

10,000 or 20,000 millimeters of water column: what's the difference?

The EU standard EN 343 sets the lowest limit for clothing labeled as waterproof with a water column of 1,300 millimeters. This means that from a pressure of 1.3 liters of water, individual drops penetrate the textile. In the laboratory test, the third drop counts as it makes its way through the tested material and thus defines the upper limit for the water density.

Since wind, movement, backpack weight and pressure often generate significantly higher loads, we recommend a water column of at least 10,000 millimeters for reliably waterproof and breathable rain jackets for adults. This is usually sufficient for general everyday use.

Those who still want reserves or are active outside in heavy rain will find many high-quality and functional rain jackets with water columns of 20,000 millimeters and more, especially in the mountaineering and outdoor areas, that do not fail even in storms and tours with heavy luggage.

  • Tip: The outer pockets of rain jackets are not necessarily waterproof despite Gore-Tex and Co. Cell phones and other sensitive items are therefore always better stowed in the inner pockets or, alternatively, in a waterproof cover.

What are the differences in men's rain jackets?

There are currently several hundred men's hardshells in the Bergzeit range. The spectrum is versatile and ranges from particularly light, small foldable and stowable models to versatile, partly lined all-round rain jackets to specialized models for cycling or running as well as high-quality, technical alpine hardshells.

How should a rain jacket fit on men?

The rule here is: form follows function. This means that the shape of the jacket should result from its function. The design of high-quality rain jackets is often three-dimensional in order to achieve the best possible fit. This is important in terms of freedom of movement, as a breathable rain jacket should not be too wide: the transport of moisture from the inside to the outside is based on a pressure and temperature gradient.

The more room the jacket offers, the more air has to be heated inside and the more difficult it is for breathability to start. So it can be that you sweat more under a rain jacket that is too big than under suitable models. Therefore, women should ideally also use women's rain jackets that are optimally tailored to the female anatomy.

Tips for choosing:

  • The planned area of ​​application helps determine how close a men's rain jacket should be. Bicycle rain jackets are usually cut narrower and a slim cut is often useful for alpine activities with a climbing harness.
  • What underneath? If, according to the onion principle, a (thick) insulation jacket is often pulled under the hardshell, this should be taken into account when choosing the size.
  • Freedom of movement is important for alpine rain jackets or mountain sports jackets. A hardshell jacket should not restrict the shoulder and arm area in particular in order to easily reach high handles.
  • Bergzeit size guide:How to find the right clothing size

Washing and waterproofing: the right care for rain jackets

For the longest possible product lifespan, it is worth paying attention to the correct care of functional rain jackets. Regular washing ensures long-term functionality, especially with microporous PTFE membranes such as Gore-Tex. This is less important in the case of pore-free membranes such as Sympatex and Dermizax. Nevertheless, these jackets should also be washed regularly.

Care instructions in Bergzeit magazine

High-quality rain jackets are provided with a so-called DWR finish at the factory. This impregnation ensures that the water rolls off the outer fabric and is an important factor in terms of breathability. Depending on the frequency of use and repeated washing, the DWR wears out over time, so it should be activated after washing or renewed after repeated care with the help of impregnation agents. We recommend using PFC-free impregnating agents such as Nikwax products.

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