Why is Nefertiti so famous in history?

Nefertiti - the beautiful woman marries Akhenaten

Nefertiti, their name "the beautiful one has come" means, was the wife of the Egyptian "heretic king" Akhenaten.

She bore six daughters to Pharaoh. We do not know your exact life dates. But she probably married Akhenaten at a very young age. Nefertiti was not only Akhenaten's wife, but also his advisor and co-regent at the same time. Many know the famous bust of Nefertiti, which can be seen in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin.

Has Nefertiti fallen from grace?

Incidentally, Nefertiti was often portrayed as a warrior. Egyptian women were far from being on an equal footing with men, but they were much more powerful than in many other cultures of the time. The spirits are arguing again about what meaning Nefertiti actually had. Some researchers think that she was even the real regent.
At some point, however, it is no longer mentioned. It is not known whether she fell from grace, died of illness, or was even murdered. But nobody really knows what became of the beautiful queen. Perhaps she was also made by Akhenaten's lover, Kija, replaced. Because the pharaohs often had several wives.

It is even believed that after her husband's death she was called a pharaoh Semenchkare could have ruled on for a while. But even that is not certain.

Museum tip: You can see Nefertiti in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin.

The demand for the return of the bust of Nefertiti

However, there were and are claims for restitution from Egypt. The first was in 1924, the first year in which the bust was publicly exhibited. During the time of National Socialism, Hitler prevented the return, he wanted to furnish Nefertiti with an entire exhibition hall in a huge museum. That did not happen, but there was no return either.

The discussion has been going on for many years and some scientists are in favor of a return, others not. Make your own judgment.