What is the time for the voice to set in

Time for encouragement and everyday heroes: the world needs your voice!

Vocal power

The voice provides support in everyday life, expresses emotions and can give hope. But far too often we take them for granted. With our action #dieweltbraucht your voice we want them Bringing the voice into focus and giving people a platform who have something to say.

The first calming words to your baby, a whispered I-love-you or a breathy yes when proposing marriage: Our voice makes these wonderful moments really perfect. And they show how important the voice is - for your loved ones, but also for the whole world. Because we can move a lot with our voice: We can use it to express our opinion, stand up against injustice, give others hope and encourage others.

Making a difference with your own voice

With our new campaign # the world needs your voice, we focus on people who have something to say and do good with their voices: people with fateful stories who have fought their way back to life and who now want to use their voices to encourage other people. Everyday heroes who volunteer and use their voices to help others. In various posts on our blog and on our social media channels, they tell us about their impressive life stories or their courageous commitment to society.

ipalatĀ® puts the focus on people who tell of their impressive life stories or their courageous commitment to society with the campaign #dieweltdeinestimme. Every month there is a new admirable personality - you can read it on the blog and the ipalatĀ® social media channels.

#the world needs your voice - protect you!

We consciously give these admirable people a platform through our blog and our social media channels to say what is important to them. We want to stand up for important issues, draw attention to the importance of the voice and raise awareness of how to protect the voice in the best possible way. Because only our voice underlines the small and big moments in life, makes them an unforgettable experience and can make so much difference in the world: #the world needs your voice.