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Nina Kraviz

When Deep House began in 2007 to replace minimal as the predominant sound in the clubs, this went hand in hand with many new faces that shape the up-and-coming scene. One of these new faces belongs to the Russian Nina Kraviz. Her debut maxi "Pain In The Ass" was released in 2009 on the British label Rekids, operated by Matt Edwards aka Radio Slave. With two extraordinary tracks and the concentrated promotion power of the professional label behind her, the producer starts from zero to one hundred within a very short time.

With her next tracks, Nina Kraviz underlines the exceptional status she is granted. This is followed by publications on Jus-Ed's Underground Quality label, Efdemins Naif Imprint and split releases with the Spectral Sound Act Bodycode and Bpitch Control star Sascha Funke. Nina Kraviz takes the excitement around her raw house tracks with the sexy vocals, quite calmly: "I can't analyze my music and I'm not made for it either. I don't want to talk about my music because I don't know. I just made it. Here we are, here we go".

This serenity can also be explained by the fact that Kraviz is no longer very young at the time of her success. Growing up in Irkutsk, Siberia, she came to Moscow to study dentistry and then worked in her profession for a few years. She also plays in the band Rocket, which makes it to the Red Bull Music Academy. There Kraviz makes contacts that will be useful to her later. The networking is also a pleasant side effect of their party series at the Moscow Club Propaganda, where artists such as Theo Parrish, Marcel Dettmann, Cassy and Dopplereffekt make appearances.

In 2011, the Russian took a break. As a disc jockey she tours all over the world and with regular guest appearances in Ibiza underlines that she has long been one of the best in her branch. In the time between the gigs, she works on her new album, which will be released in 2012 under the title "Nina Kraviz" and which will further expand her reputation as a producer.

Right at the beginning of 2015, Kraviz released a mix in the legendary "DJ Kicks" series on the traditional Berlin label Studio! K7, on which several new tracks by herself can be heard.