How can attorneys expedite criminal proceedings

Investigations ... now I don't hear from the public prosecutor


briefly about the circumstances:

In March of last year I stupidly ordered 5 cannabis seeds online & lpar; I sat in front of the computer in the evening and drank a few beers & rpar ;. The next day I tried to cancel the order, but it didn't work anymore ... already shipping.

About six weeks later I received mail from the police. I was investigated for importing 5 cannabis seeds by post. I kept the appointment and answered truthfully & lpar; I myself worked for a long time in the care of addicts and know the games of the police and addicts ... that's why I rely on honesty & rpar ;. I was puzzled when the officer asked me if I knew anyone in Berlin. I said no. The reason was that the letter still contained an invoice for someone in Berlin. & lpar; ?? & excl;? & excl;? & excl; & rpar ;. When asked what I was going to do with the seeds, I replied that I didn't know & lpar; Cultivation is illegal -> I wouldn't want to expose myself to the paranoia; in the worst case store on the shelf & rpar; and tried to cancel the order anyway.

Last but not least, I was allowed to leave and was told that I can actually expect everything to be stopped.

I haven't heard from the prosecutor for over a year. The stupid thing is that I can't find writing anymore either.

In three months, however, I have to submit a confirmation to the district government that there are no preliminary or criminal proceedings against me & lpar; preparation of a professional certificate & rpar ;.

Are there any ways I can find out whether I am still under investigation or even criminal proceedings? Or how, if that should still be the case, I can get the file number and the prosecutor in charge.

If so, I would hire a lawyer to speed up the process.

I already know that this is a violation of the BTMG ... but that it will drag on for over a year ... I would be happy to suspend the proceedings, I would understand possible daily rates as a punishment, possibly also urine samples etc. . but that you can't hear anything anymore? & excl;? & excl ;?

Thank you & excl;