Who would win Dante or Dormammu?

Feature film, fantasy film • May 16, 2021 • 22:15 - 00:15

Dr. Strange

The arrogant surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is struck by a devastating blow of fate. In a car accident, the successful person with the God complex suffers serious injuries. The nerves in his hands will also be severed, so that he will never be able to operate again. No doctor can or will help him. The relationship with his colleague Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) is also falling apart. Strange desperately seeks ways to heal his hands. But there is no clinical help. It is only the miraculous recovery of a paraplegic who induces doctors to embrace "alternative" healing methods. In search of the source of miraculous healing, Strange meets a sage named "the ancient one" (Tilda Swinton) in the Karmar-Taj temple complex in Nepal. However, Karmar-Taj is not a Far Eastern healing center, but a place of the supernatural. The ancient one explains to Strange that there are numerous parallel universes from which one can draw energy to work magic in our reality. Fascinated by this, Strange asks for instruction in the magical doctrine. The old man initially hesitates to accept the arrogant doctor as a pupil, but lets Master Mordo (Chiwetl Ejiofor) change his mind, who recognizes the potential in Strange. But the attitude of the former surgeon, who is only interested in physical recovery, is still wrong. He lacks the open mind. But soon the wise men of Karmar-Taj can no longer take such little things into consideration, because with the former master Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) a powerful opponent threatens not only the occult homeland, but the whole world. Because Kaecilius promised this to the dark ruler Dormammu in exchange for eternal life. So Kaecilius blows an attack on the ancient, the temple and the world. The time has come for Strange to show what he's learned.

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