How do I become a Registered Nutrition Advisor

Objectives of the QUETHEB registration

  1. Clearing measure against unqualified and dubious providers.
  2. Practical implementation and documentation of quality assurance in nutritional advice and therapy.
  3. Transparency and guidance for institutions, multipliers and those seeking advice from highly qualified specialists in the nutrition sector in the surrounding region.
  4. Orientation and decision-making aid for cost bearers with regard to reimbursement and subsidies for proven qualified services.
  5. Consolidation and publication of the registered in a neutral, nationwide list.
  6. Ensuring product-neutral and independent advice / therapy in terms of consumer and patient protection.

Benefits for registered nutritionists

  1. Awarded as a highly qualified specialist through a registration certificate.
  2. Differentiation from dubious and unqualified personnel and measures.
  3. Recognition of one's own nutritional therapy and counseling by health insurance companies as an eligible service.
  4. Job security as an employee and as a freelancer.
  5. Listing in the QUETHEB pool of experts includes only checked, highly qualified specialists
    • Approved training (doctor, nutritionist, nutritionist, dietitian)
    • Proven additional qualification for nutritional advice / therapy
    • work experience
    • Proof of regular training and further education measures
    • Proof of successful processing of patient cases in nutritional therapy
  6. Nationwide network formation - QUETHEB-registered support each other professionally and organizationally

The registration procedure

In order to be able to obtain comprehensive information about the registration procedure, you need the documents listed here:

Explanations for the QUETHEB registration

Application for initial registration

The subsequent registration is managed exclusively via the QUETHEB portal for MEMBERS.

The case processing

According to the statutes, the improvement and further development of quality standards in nutritional therapy and nutritional advice is the task of QUETHEB e.V.

The "case processing" must be processed in writing for the registration "nutritional therapy".

The days of "case processing" serve to further increase the quality of the QUETHEB registration and to offer the registered specialists the opportunity to check their current knowledge in a practice-oriented manner, to exchange and discuss the cases with colleagues and thus to benefit from each other.

The registration “nutritional counseling” is not affected, as these specialists either do not yet have sufficient professional experience in this area and / or do not work with patients in individual counseling.

All information on case processing can be found in the detailed explanations on QUETHEB registration (see application documents).

Technical requirements for participating in case processing:

  • Internet access
  • Email Account
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Case processing appointments you'll find here.

The registration commission

The voluntary, independent, interdisciplinary committee meets 3 times a year to review and approve registration applications.

The next meeting dates of the registration commission can be found here.