Why is Marina fuel more expensive

Current gasoline prices in the Czech Republic from

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Super: 31.56 Kč / liter *

Crown course: 25.45 CZK / EUR

...in Euro: 1.24 EUR / liter

*) Course and fuel price from May 23, 2021.

The current petrol price information as well as the current crown rate are without guarantee and can fluctuate regionally. Here the average value of the fuel prices of all Czech filling stations as well as the CZK reference rate of the ECB are given.

The Czech Republic has a dense network of filling stations for all major oil companies. But also smaller chains like Pap Oil, EuroOil, F1, Robin Oil or Ono offer very good gasoline prices.

Petrol still cheap

The petrol prices (see refueling video) and diesel prices nonetheless quite moderate compared to Germany. Above all, one is amazing high regional price difference between the Czech filling stations of up to 5 kroner per liter (approx. 20 cents), which has to be taken into account especially in the border area. In this way, you can save some cents.

Are allowed in the Schengen area up to 20 liters of the valuable fuel in the canister are tax-free.

What is the name of gasoline in the Czech Republic?

Super E5 Petrol (95 RON, octane) is called at Czech petrol stations "Natural 95", the stronger one Super Plus (98 - 100 RON) against "Natural 98".
At international petrol station chains they are also called "Super", "Petrol" or "Super Plus". The petrol is always unleaded.

Because of the uniform European designation for unleaded petrol and diesel at petrol pumps, since September 2018 Super E5 additionally the term "E5"at the Czech petrol stations (small circle with E5 at the petrol pump). In addition, the Super E10 supply at petrol stations was gradually expanded in 2019. Super E10 is called in the Czech Republic "E10". The abbreviation E with the digits stands for the bioethanol content in percent.
Older vehicles should only be refueled with E5, cars from emission class 4 can be refueled with the often cheaper E10. Details should be found in the vehicle documents.
The terms "Natural 95" and "Natural 98", as well as the proper names of the gas station chains, such as. Verva, V-POWER, EVO still remain at the fuel pumps.

Pay at gas stations

If you are after the Settlement in kroner or euros are asked when paying by card, ask for a statement in Czech crowns. In this way you bypass the individual exchange rate of the petrol station and refuel more cheaply.

Video about refueling in the Czech Republic (2018)

Problem filling stations

In the past, there were more frequent state controls at Czech petrol stations Problems with poor fuel quality. Please read our information on problem petrol stations.

Gas station app

There is an app for Android and iOS that not only shows the nearest petrol station, but also the current price. The petrol station app Pumpdroid / iPumpuj (Android | iOS) especially for the Czech Republic helps to save some extra cent.

*) The current petrol price information and the euro / krone exchange rate are not guaranteed and can fluctuate regionally. The average values ​​of the fuel prices of all Czech filling stations as well as the CZK reference rate of the ECB are given here.

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Current gasoline prices & exchange rate
Super:31,56 Kč / EUR
= 1.24 EUR / liter
Diesel:29,43 Kč / EUR
= 1.16 EUR / liter

Data from May 23, 2021. No guarantee. More crown rates and gasoline prices.