How does your pet manipulate you

Corona and the desire for a pet

Corona and the desire for a pet

Puppy, -n (m.) - a young dog

Breeder, - (m.) - a person who owns animals or plants of a certain species and ensures that they reproduce

Request, -n (f.) - here: the question of whether you can buy something

Restriction, -en (f.) - here: the fact that something has limits and cannot be lived freely

according to - as someone says or reports

Association, associations (m.) - here: an association of organizations with the same interests

flourish - Doing well in business

illegal - prohibited by law

stuck behind something - here: to be like that in reality, although it looks different at first

disordered behavior - so that the behavior is not normal or healthy

horrible - brutal; dreadful

German Animal Welfare Association (m.) - the umbrella organization of animal protection associations and animal shelters in Germany

Temptation, -en (f.) - the desire to do something, even if one shouldn't do it

Animal shelter, -e (n.) - the facility to which animals can be brought that no longer have an owner or that no one wants to have anymore

Living being, - (n.) - someone or something who is alive; a human, an animal or a plant

to play with the idea of ​​doing something - consider doing something

to get something - buy something