What are algorithms 2

Algorithms II

• Introduction: The satisfiability problem, 2-Sat, probabilistic algorithm for 2-SAT.

• NP completeness: meaning, examples.

• Graph algorithms: minimal cut, shortest paths between all pairs of nodes, matching, the marriage problem, 3-colorability.

• Algebraic and number theoretic algorithms: multiplication of large numbers, matrix multiplication, modular exponentiation, factorization: Pollard's rho and (p-1) algorithms, quadratic sieve.

• Approximation algorithms: 0/1 Rucksack, Max-Cut, Traveling-Salesman and Delta-TSP, Max-k-SAT, # DNF-SAT

• Parameterized algorithms. Basic methods: restricted search trees, reduction to the core of the problem, graph properties that can be changed, color coding.

• On-line algorithms: The paging problem and the distribution of work problem: deterministic and probabilistic algorithms.

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Turing reduction, min cut

Sheet 3APD algorithmJava Matrix Package
Sheet 4APSP algorithmProposed solution
Sheet 5Matching
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