What do worms mean in dreams

Dream interpretation worms

Worms are very adaptable invertebrates. They can be very useful, like the earthworm that loosens the ground. Often we are disgusted with them and count them as "vermin". Nobody likes to bite into an apple that is infected with worms. Or the idea of ​​having worms in the body or under the skin is also more than unpleasant. Even the leech that “taps” us has few friends - unless it is used for medical purposes, then it suddenly gets a good, helpful image.

On the other hand, one perceives the glowworm or the glowworm more positively, because as a child one was often fascinated by this creature that glows independently in the dark.

However, we can experience such situations not only in reality, but also in our dreams. Some people encounter worms here in very different contexts, on which the interpretation of the animals as dream symbols also depends.

So how exactly are worms interpreted in a dream? Let us first take a look at the dreams we often experience about the slippery animals before we turn to the general interpretation:

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Dream symbol "worms" - the most common dreams about the symbol

A single worm appears in my dream

An earthworm writhing through the earth in a dream can ask the sleeping person to make his life in the waking world in a more fruitful way. Wormy fruit in the dream world warns of illnesses or negative people in everyday life. If the worm infestation is only discovered when you bite into it and eat, the source of possible problems in reality may initially be hidden.

If the dreaming person uses a worm as bait on the hook for fishing, he probably knows how to use things to his advantage in everyday life.

In the mouth, out of the mouth - worms in dreams

There's a worm in your mouth, bah! A disgusting dream

As a dream symbol, a worm in the mouth can give an indication of deep-seated difficulties with the opposite sex and sexuality. If the sleeper dreams of a worm in the mouth, in reality he should also pay more attention to his health or look for people who rob him of his strength and time.

If the worm hides in a dreamed meal and is transported into the oral cavity with the cutlery, this dream situation can indicate the fear of betrayal. Unconsciously there can also be an inkling that the dreaming is being used by another person.

"Spitting out worms" as a dream

Spitting worms is really not a nice thing. The worm in the mouth indicates a weakened state of health, and the spitting out of worms in dream events is to be interpreted in this direction: anger, anger and disappointments have recently been simply "swallowed down". Now is the time to heal your psyche. It would be wrong, however, to let out the accumulated negative emotions on one's fellow human beings.

A worm crawls under the skin. The dream analysis

The worm's crawling under the skin - ugh, a nightmare!

If you see a worm or a maggot crawling under your skin in your nightly dream experience, then the deeply hidden thoughts and feelings of the dreamer slowly penetrate the surface, into the consciousness. These needs are unwanted because they may not fit in with societal norms. The dreaming does not want to deal with them - but there is no way around it.

Get out of your skin! Pull on the dream worm

Who pulls something out in the dream and removes it, is acting actively in the waking world. In the sense of the dreamed parasite worm under the skin, the dreamer deals with those people who wish him evil. The person acts and forces these people to speak up about their actions or words. However, it can be difficult to argue with these people or to reconcile afterwards and establish a harmonious relationship - this may not be possible.

Having worms in your buttocks, a nasty dream ...!

If worms come out of the buttocks, it is certainly not a pleasant dream. Some dreaming wake up with a feeling of disgust from it. If the sticky worms nestle symbolically in the sleeper's bottom, they indicate insecurities and fears. Dreaded embarrassing moments in life and threatening exposure are what trigger this dream. The dreamer should consider how he can gain more self-confidence in order to stand by himself and his truths.

Dream symbol "worms" - the general interpretation

Who sees worms in a dream, should go ahead according to general interpretation deceitful people beware. Someone may be trying to undermine their own, perhaps also professional, position. It can well be that this person pretends to be a friend to the dreaming and hides their real intentions. This is especially true if the person concerned bites into fruit in a dream, which then turns out to be infested with worms.

In some cases, worms can also be in front of a illness warn with risk of contagion. Worms that nestle in the body of the person concerned in the dream also stand for insecurities and negative attitudes towards life. Something makes the dreaming to create, he threatens to lose his joie de vivre.

If the dreamer has a bad premonition about his or her own financial situation, it is also advisable to reconsider certain investments or to postpone them to a later point in time. Then you shouldn't sign every contract right away.

However, the symbol can also be interpreted positively, for example if the person concerned makes use of the worms in a dream, for example uses them as fish bait when fishing: this says successes ahead, as well as the ability to change situations to your own advantage.

Dream symbol "worms" - the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation approach, dreamed worms can be internally felt helplessness symbolize. It is possible that the person concerned often feels insignificant in everyday life, and in the worst case no longer sees any meaning in his or her existence.

In the latter case and if the worms dream occurs frequently, the dreaming could think about seeking professional support from a doctor or interlocutor in order to overcome these feelings.

Worms are also occasionally an expression of a guilty conscience or the feeling of something Wrong would happen. If they nestle in the body of the person concerned in the dream, his subconscious informs him that he has behaved wrongly and unfairly in a situation. If they are in an apple or other fruit, he feels badly treated himself.

Even in reality, having one or more worms in your mouth is an uncomfortable idea for many people. In the dream, the subconscious deals with its own life with the help of this dream image. Something disturbs and does not develop in the life of the dreaming as desired - even if everything seems okay at first glance.

Some psychoanalysts also see dreamed worms sexual symbol, as these resemble the male genitalia. Depending on the emotions felt, sexual desires, but also the attitude towards one's own urges, can be reflected against this background. Perhaps the dreaming rejects his desires, considers them immoral and "low". However, he may also long for new physical experiences and would like to try out previously unknown things.

Dream symbol "worms" - the spiritual interpretation

According to this view, worms terminate one in a dream spiritual change at. The person concerned looks forward to this development with positive feelings.