Did you suddenly grow overnight

How long do girls grow? What you should know about your daughter's growth

Uuuund hey presto - puberty suddenly felt like it was overnight and with it a pretty brisk shot upwards. But how long do girls grow? We have information about your daughter's growth.

There is nothing more beautiful (and more frightening) than watching your own daughter grow older and bigger: from the tiny worm to the wild, lively dreamer, the stubborn door-slamper to the proud school graduate. Madness! During this time, the entire body develops and changes - especially in terms of length. Your daughter grows and grows and it feels like she never stops. Or she is one of those candidates for whom the tape measure hardly wants to show an inch of change year after year. Regardless of whether it is small or large for its age: you are probably wondering how long it will continue to grow.

Growth is very individual

Before we take a look at typical size characteristics, we want to make one thing clear: growth is absolutely individual. Every child has their own pace at which they develop. And that there is a huge range of sizes (in the truest sense of the word) becomes clear when we look around the street: Small women who are barely 1.50 m tall stroll in front of tall women who are 1.80 m tall. Loosely crack the mark, over. We love this variety and want to emphasize that there are no wrong sizes. Everyone, tiny or huge, is great!

Of course, problems can also arise during growth: Certain hormonal difficulties can lead to a problematic short or tall stature, B. can have negative health consequences for the spine. If you are concerned about your daughter's growth, be sure to seek advice from your pediatrician.

Girls' growth: that's the fastest way

But even if the growth is very individual, there are still a few rules of thumb that apply to many girls. An important point here is puberty: this is the phase in which most girls take a decent boost. Girls can grow up to 20 cm during this time. This usually happens between the ages of 9 and 13. Research also assumes that periods have an impact on growth: on average, girls grow between five and seven centimeters in the two years after their first period.

And how long do girls grow now?

As already said: there is of course no formula that can be used for all girls. Nevertheless, there are a few basic principles: At the beginning of puberty, the level of estrogen in your daughter's body rises sharply. The growth hormones multiply and the growth spurt that we have just described occurs. After about two years, the level drops again and the growth phase ends. This is often the case between the ages of 15 and 17.

What can I do if my daughter is unhappy with her size?

Of course, if your daughter is significantly taller or shorter than the other children in her class, she can quickly feel uncomfortable. Especially during puberty, there is nothing worse for many young people than to attract attention and look different from their classmates. In this phase you just want to be part of it.

Make it clear to your daughter that size differences are totally normal. Girls are faster in their development than boys, which is why their growth spurt comes much earlier during puberty. And if the other girls all grow and she stays small, that doesn't mean that it will be like this forever: Explain to her that her body just takes a little more time to grow and that this is totally normal. It was probably the same with yourself? And very important: Show your daughter that you always have an open ear for her and make it clear to her: Beauty has nothing to do with size, weight or other things that she has no influence on!

Source: Netdoktor

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