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Classical singing competition: prizes for Hansel and Foki

At the song recital for the 10th classical singing competition "Debut" in the Weikersheimer TauberPhilharmonie, the Hungarian baritone Dániel Foki won two awards with a voice that got under your skin: The prize for "German and English / American song / Song des 20 . Century "and the song award for the best performance" Contemporary Song ". The Beethoven Chamber Music Prize went to Marie Hänsel from Dresden for "Again my Lyre" from "Scottish Songs", Op. 108 by Ludwig van Beethoven, which she sang with the most delicate lyrical emphasis.

The expert and diverse jury, headed by the Swedish opera singer Anna Larsson, did not make the decision easy for itself and met with a lot of approval from the audience.

Dániel Foki cast a spell over the audience with his lecture "St. Ita's Vision" from the ten "Hermit Songs" for voice and piano by Samuel Barber. With every note and every gesture it was noticeable how deeply the baritone had internalized the content of these poems by Irish monks of the early Middle Ages and had carried out a transformation into the spiritual. Self-knowledge can only be gained through the senses in solitude and rough nature.

Each singer had to perform a song specially composed for the competition

The Italian composer Giorgio Battistelli had composed a song especially for his debut, which from the semifinals had to be performed by every singer. Already on Wednesday, Dániel Foki had an impressive interpretation of Battistelli's song "Ja, Lauft nur" in the semifinals, which paved the way for him to take part in the final.

During the recital all artists with completely different temperaments could be heard. Without exception, they impressed with their vocal expressiveness and tangible truthfulness. In the competition for the Beethoven Chamber Music Prize, the soprano Karolina Bengtsson chose the catchy song "Sally in Our Alley" from the Scottish songs "Oh! Thou art the lad of my heart" and the tenor Katleho Mokhoabene from South Africa. The excellent acoustics of the hall, whose sheer size and representative effect was almost too impressive for a pure recital, made - in addition to the singing - the chamber music with the répétiteurs on the large concert grand, the sonorous sound of the cello by Florian Schmidt-Bartha and the bright one Florian Schötz's violin sounded a pure pleasure.

From profound to light-sensual

The competition was enriched by the profound alto voice of Freya Apffelstaedt with Albert Reimann's composition "Five songs based on poems by Paul Celan", the dignified, brilliant mezzo-soprano by Niamh O`Sullivan with Benjamin Britten's "Down by the Salley Gardens", the luminous, beautifully guided soprano by Alexandra Flood with Benjamin Britten's "Led the florid music praise", the silvery shimmering tenor by Katleho Mokhoabane with Gustav Mahler's "Im Lenz" and, at the brilliant conclusion of the competition songs, the sensual soprano by Elizaveta Volkova with Aron Copland's "Pasorale" and " Cäcilie "by Richard Strauss.

It was not a short break for the jury to retire to deliberate, but the audience was entertained with four attractive pieces of music with a very special chamber music evening. The répétiteurs of the competition with Prof. Michael Schütze, Gaiva Bandzinaite, Eberhard Leuser and Doriana Tchakarova (all piano) with Florian Schmidt-Bartha (violoncello) and Florian Schötz (violin) offered the "Waltz for four hands" or two pieces " Dolly Suite "op. 56 by Gabriel Fauré, so the waiting time went by in a flash. The soprano Maria Hänsel received the greatest applause of the evening when she spontaneously found the courage to shorten the waiting time with her impressions of the competition week.

The "German and English / American Song / Song of the 20th Century" prize was donated by SV-Versicherung Team Brunner GmbH worth 3500 euros. Sparkasse Tauberfranken sponsored the song prize for the best performance, "Contemporary Song", also worth 3500 euros, and the Beethoven chamber music prize of 1500 euros.

Clarry Bartha, Artistic Director of Debut, finally announced the jury's decision on the finalists:

Freya Apffelstaedt (South Africa), Karolina Bengtsson (Sweden), Dániel Foki (Hungary), Katleho Mokhoabane (South Africa), Niamh O'Sullivan (Ireland) and Modestas Sedlevicius (Lithuania) were overjoyed to attend the gala concert last Saturday in the Tauber Philharmonic to have qualified in Weikersheim.

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