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My reports are just a selection, but represent my preferences today:
I like to grab hold of (rock and crag climbing up to about III).
I like to be more on rock and grass than on ice and snow.
Pathlessness is not a problem, neither is walking alone, but both are not necessary.
Numbers are no longer an important criterion, but I look for and enjoy the beauty of nature, the mountain landscape, the encounters, everything around.

My special love is for the areas of the Lechquellengebirge and Bregenzerwald, as well as the Allgäu and the Lechtalern.

In addition to my "nose", there is also a simple digital camera on tour.
Details, flowers, moods as well as trees and roots are my preferred motifs.
(The selection, which is random or category-related, except for the album, can be through Reloading the page to be changed

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Lechtal Alps T5 II

21 Sep 19

Northern Lard Pit Ridge - From Pimig to Meat Head

The rather lonely Schmalzgrubenkamm is ideal for crossing in the nth part. With several climbing options to the cornerstone, the Pimig lookout box, the height has already been reached. The ridge-long crossing of the Schwarzer Kranz, the Gsteinsjoch and the Fleischkopf - which is also Gsteinsspitze ...

Published by Nyn22 September 2019, 15h22 (Photos: 81 | Comments: 2)

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Other mountain ranges and valley areas T1

15 May 21

Surprises at the Reichenbach

It's good that I pull myself up! I'm a bit tired of springtime tiredness, but it will turn out to be extremely rewarding and satisfying to have hiked this beautiful loop BEFORE the (popular) rain. I know the area that I - because I don't want to drive so far - choose to do so at short notice ...

Published by Nyn17 May 2021, 15h05 (Photos: 58)

Other mountain ranges and valley areas T2

10 May 21

Forest paths at the Sigg-Hof

On that day, for the first time in the year, it was over 30 degrees in the shade at some measuring points in the country! -I found out afterwards. In short trousers and a camisole, I'm still just comfortable in the forest, but it's already too hot in the sun and calm - which is surprising, since I'm usually out and about at night. Thanks to the foehn location ...

Published by Nyn14 May 2021, 10h47 (Photos: 25)

Other mountain ranges and valley areas T1

8 May 21

Around Blochinger Ried

The nature reserve Blochinger Ried belongs to the Danube-Ablach-Platten. It is located northeast of the city center of Mengen, in a hollow on the southern edge of the Swabian Alb. The hollow was formed almost 200,000 years ago during the Riss glaciation, when a tongue of the Rhine glacier is believed to have been ...

Published by Nyn 9 May 2021, 07h04 (Photos: 30)

Other mountain ranges and valley areas T2

1 May 21

Im Weithart

Going on a hearty May hike on May 1st is almost a must. Usually the extended family or the clan or the buddies pulls all sorts of eatable and drinkable filled carts, parasols, lots of hoots and among many like-minded people to nearby walkable and barbecue hut hotspots. Unfortunately...

Published by Nyn 2 May 2021, 14h26 (Photos: 36)

Other mountain ranges and valley areas T4 + I

25 Apr 21

Riedhofgraben - canyoning for beginners

The name "Riedhofgraben" aroused my closer attention when looking for a near-term destination suitable for a sunny Sunday. If I recently ran a great lap at the Riedhof IM Pfrunger / Burgweiler Ried, today I choose the source area outside the NSG for exploration and assessment ...

Published by Nyn26 April 2021, 09h15 (Photos: 49)

Other mountain ranges and valley areas T1

22 Apr 21

Old (shausen) he pond

I have often passed the Altshausener Weiher ("Alter Weiher"). Now I've finally found the muse for a leisurely circumnavigation. Despite the initially somewhat adverse circumstances, I enjoyed this lap very much. The singing of birds and the wind in the reeds as well as the babbling of the "Ragenreuter Bächles" accompanied ...

Published by Nyn23 April 2021, 16h13 (Photos: 52 | Comments: 2)

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Published by Nyn25 August 2020, 19h58 (Photos: 1)

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Upper Valais PD + II

18 Aug 83

Cathedral - Festigrat

My first 4000 meter After we had hit the Matterhorn a few days earlier with thunder, lightning and fresh snow at the tent near the Hörnlihütte, my brother unfortunately had to go home. So I stayed on the mountain with Norbert and we decided to go to the cathedral first.We carried heavy backpacks again, ...

Published by Nyn 2 September 2020, 13h04

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