What did Elia Martell look like?



You have to say that Lyanna was 14 at the time and was looking forward to marrying a man she didn't like and probably even feared. Especially since she was probably right with her fear that Robert would have made a terrible husband despite his feelings. It is understandable that in such a situation a charismatic, calm, lovable Crown Prince seemed to be a good alternative. Ironically, though, that she followed a married man when she questioned Robert's marital fidelity. Still, by our standards, she was almost a child. And the Martells don't hold it against the Starks for what happened to Elia, but rather Rhaegar and the Lannisters. Westeros seems to believe in kidnapping, not running away together. But let's see.

I absolutely love when people pretend Lyanna was the only person in Westeros who was supposed to marry someone she didn't like when she was a child. Catelyn Tully wasn't exactly keen on a bully like Brandon Stark or a chunk of ice like Eddard Stark as arranged husbands, either. We don't even want to start with Lysa. Or as for Elijah and Rhaegar, in Martin's own words that wasn't a love marriage either. Just because your arranged husband is polite and well-read doesn't automatically make it better. If you read the novels it is clear that Lyanna's situation in Westeros was, unfortunately, a fairly common case in terms of marriage agreements.

Above all, however, Martin made it abundantly clear that Westeros is not like our modern and real time, in which you don't have to feel adult until you are 30 or so. Westeros is the worst cliché Middle Ages, where children are treated like little adults even before puberty and girls are considered marriageable from the onset of the rule. By Westeros standards, Lyanna was no longer a child at the age of 14, but a young woman.

Which neither should mean that Lyanna's situation deserves no pity or something. But by the age of 14 in Westeros, she should have absolutely had the intelligence and experience to know in advance that running away with a married man from goddamn royalty solves absolutely nothing and just creates a bunch of new problems. Especially when you don't tell anyone what exactly is going on and people then inevitably draw fatal conclusions.

Personally, I do not refer the video link to the novels (where we actually don't know the whole truth yet) but to the series (where it is official that the two ran away by mutual agreement and Elia and children were degadated into non-persons) and that RXL shipper fandom (where people like to pretend they were the only people in the world who matter).

What exactly happened in the novels remains to be seen, but at least Rhaegar, who is so popular in fandom as the perfect Prince Charming, behaved in the TV series absolutely shabbily and in the novels, according to the current state of knowledge, extremely questionable.