How do I become a software developer

Mathematical-technical software developer
Education & profession

The Job description mathematical-technical software developer or mathematical-technical software developer is very versatile. The main task of software developers is the design and programming of software programs for a wide variety of purposes.

Mathematical-technical software developers master complex tasks in everyday working life. Each individual order is precisely analyzed and the resulting results are documented. Before the actual work begins, it is strictly ensured that all data protection regulations are complied with and that data security is guaranteed. Solution approaches are now being worked out and developed. Even at this step, it is important to ensure that the planned program can also be presented in a user-friendly manner. Appropriate algorithms must then be selected that correspond to the basic structure of the planned program. A wide range of mathematical knowledge is required here, as the algorithms can come from analysis, linear algebra or stochastics.

Now the planned software is programmed according to customer requirements and is as user-friendly as possible. To do this, mathematical-technical software developers have to be proficient in various programming languages ​​such as C ++ or Java. After the finished program has passed various tests, it can be passed on to the customer. Now the software developers have to instruct and advise the users. They are also available for further questions after the handover and prepare frequently asked questions in a customer-friendly manner.

In the job description of mathematical-technical software developer or mathematical-technical software developer, however, very different areas of responsibility can be in the foreground - depending on the company, industry and professional position. The training ordinance for mathematical-technical software developers regulates which tasks you will learn in your software development training.

Mathematical-technical software developers are mainly active in software and system companies, but can also be employed in IT departments of larger companies.