How can depression kill people

Severe Depression: A disease with a good chance of recovery

Fortunately, severe depression is one of the diseases with a very good chance of recovery. Today more than 80 percent of all patients can have their severe depression successfully treated, for which a hospital stay is only necessary in the rarest of cases. A combination of psychotherapeutic measures and medication, so-called antidepressants, is usually useful. These are not addictive, nor are they euphoric, but they help to get out of the "dark cellar" again.

There are many different antidepressants available; And that's good. Because it gives doctor and patient the opportunity to find a preparation among these that shows the best effect against severe depression with the fewest side effects in a specific individual case.

You can find out more about antidepressants here.

If patients continue to take their medication for six months after the symptoms have disappeared, the risk of relapse into severe depression is considerably reduced. After all, half of all those affected can be considered permanently cured after such a treatment and do not have to take any further medication - a result that, despite all medical advances, is achieved with hardly any other chronic disease.

Unfortunately, antidepressants cannot help everyone with depression. But pharmaceutical research is working on developing effective and well-tolerated drugs for these as well.