What program do video game designers use

What does a game designer do?

As a game designer, you will be involved in a new project right from the start. Because before it comes to the graphic and technical implementation, you come up with a game concept as a team. What exactly should your game be about? Which tasks should the gamer solve and what can he achieve with them? What are the rules in this world? Depending on how you answer these and many other questions for yourself, you can design, for example, a first-person shooter, an action adventure, a strategy or educational game. In addition, like a screenwriter and director, you take care of the staging of a story that keeps the players engaged with exciting courses of action and surprising events. Finally, you also include the preferences and wishes of the respective target group for whom your game is primarily intended.
According to the game concept, you can work with your team to work out the individual elements, whereby there are literally no limits to your imagination. For example, if you develop a role-playing game in the Middle Ages, you need to design suitable costumes, armor and weapons for farmers, knights or aristocratic castle residents. A lot of creativity requires unusual monsters and mythical creatures that the characters can encounter. In addition, you create the game world with appropriate design programs, be it villages and towns or extensive natural landscapes. With your help, all of the game elements and scenes that make up the game are created step by step.
The more complex the plot of your game is, the more text you will encounter in the form of dialogues, narratives and overlays. But menus and explanatory texts also need easily understandable formulations so that the player can orientate himself independently. As a game designer, you are also involved as an author who thinks about what the characters are saying in the various scenes. You make sure that the statements also fit the characters you have worked out and that they sound credible in the respective context.
As a game designer, you are the contact person for various departments of your team, as you have an overview of the overall concept of the game. You sit down with the Game Artists, for example, to clarify the visual design of your game. Detailed models of figures and landscapes emerge from your drafts, for which you provide feedback. You discuss content-related features such as simple and complex game mechanics with the game developers, who take care of the technical implementation of your concept. So the bigger your team is, the more project management tasks you take on. With meetings and regular agreements, you ensure that all areas pull together. Otherwise you take care of the programming or the graphic elaboration yourself.


  • Middle school; University entrance qualification
  • First programming skills
  • A sense of aesthetics and graphic design
  • A keen eye for details
  • customer focus
  • Teamwork

What are the job prospects?

The gaming industry has been growing rapidly for a number of years, as almost all sections of the population now use games for entertainment, from casual gamers on cell phones to e-athletes. Nevertheless, there are only a few large developer studios in Germany. Many companies, especially in the self-financed independent sector, only have small teams, so the jobs are quite limited. When looking for a job, you should therefore keep an eye on the entire area of ​​software development in order to perhaps get to a studio via detours.

Which qualities help me in my job?

    What other professions are there in game development?

    What should the clothes of a main character look like or what is the nature of the world in which they live? As a game artist, you will put the creative ideas and drafts of a game designer into practice. You draw characters, landscapes and much more so that the designed game has an external appearance. You will develop models and animations on the computer in order to be able to adapt the individual game elements flexibly according to the specifications. The profession of game artist is very artistic and also requires you to have a good spatial imagination.
    Creative ideas or not - without a game developer the screen will end up black. Because in this job you are responsible for the technical implementation of the concept. Knowledge of computer science as well as mathematics and physics will help you enormously. You program the game mechanics and take care of the artificial intelligence of the characters as well as the balancing of the individual elements in order to enable a balanced game behavior. With regular tests in the development environment and so-called alpha and beta versions, you can check whether all processes actually work as they should. In the event that certain bugs still occur after the release, you can fix them with smaller and larger patches.


    • Multi-faceted profession in the interface between design, technology & conception
    • Specialized training and courses
    • Lateral entry possible via IT courses

    Starting salary as a game designer

    At the beginning of your career as a game designer you can expect an average starting salary of € 2,500 ¹ gross per month. You also have the opportunity to become self-employed and negotiate your fee yourself with clients. Above all, your professional experience and your references in the industry are an important factor.

    Your income also depends on where the company you work for is located and how many people are employed there. Your own requirements are also decisive. Among other things, it is important whether you start your career with a bachelor's or master's degree and how much experience you already have.

    Salary based on work experience

    If you have gained some experience as a game designer, your salary increases to an average of € 2,800 ¹ gross per month. After 5 years in your profession you can count on around 3,000 € ¹ gross per month and after more than 10 years you will earn around 3,450 € ¹ gross based on your experience.

    Salary based on work experience

    If you have gained some experience as a game designer, your salary increases to an average of € 2,800 ¹ gross per month. After 5 years in your profession you can count on around 3,000 € ¹ gross per month and after more than 10 years you will earn around 3,450 € ¹ gross based on your experience.

    Salary by state

    In Baden-Württemberg and Hesse, your earnings as a game designer are highest at € 3,300 ¹ and € 3,350 ¹ gross per month. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania brings up the rear. There you earn around € 2,400 ¹ gross monthly. Generally speaking, the salary in the new federal states is somewhat lower. In return, the cost of living is lower there.