What does the Bible say about art

The Bible and Art

Scripture does not address this directly. The next relevant verses I can think of are:

Psalm 101: 3 (King James Version) I will put no evil before my eyes: I hate the work of those who turn away; it shouldn't hold on to me.

This would be an example of a (good) decision not to consider (or even consider) certain things. Things that would be representations of sinful behavior.

This could be as obvious as watching pornography, or stretched as far as a personal belief would require. I might think that WWE wrestling (still exists?) Is sinful for the violent behavior, or Betty Boop for showing so much cartoon skin. that doesn't mean you would necessarily agree with me. (And I don't. These are just stupid examples to illustrate the point.)

Matthew 5:28 (King James Version) But I tell you: whoever looks at a woman to desire her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

This seems to me to be the case in the case of pornography. The point of this type of material is to stimulate lust. But where is the line about what is art and what is not? This does not answer your question either. You may find what I find artistic, lascivious, or vice versa.

In the end, it comes down to a personal conviction. Unfortunately there is no clear line. Society, cultural norms, our own background and our own mental (and possibly genetic) make-up determine what we find beautiful in the artistic sense and what we find exciting and arousing in the non-artistic sense.

The same goes for other art forms. Music for example. Does heavy metal trigger aggression or is there a bit more energy during training? Experience has shown that theater, literature, every art form is different for the consumer and we may not be able to understand from this what the artist intended.

In the end, perhaps the most relevant verse is:

Romans 14:14 (King James Version) I know and I am convinced of the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean in itself; but for one who regards something as unclean, it is unclean for him.

Whether or not something is artistic or sinful is in the eye of the beholder (believer).

I hate that answer by the way because it closes the door everything opens, What is acceptable. I don't think that's what is meant. I believe we must rely on biblical guidance, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and our conscience (provided we haven't burned our consciences).