What is digital transaction management

What is DocuSign®?

More than the electronic signature

With DocuSign, document-based transactions between people and companies are kept and managed completely digitally. Digital transaction management (DTM) is a new category of cloud services and, together with DocuSign, forms the digital future for accelerating paperless transactions. It removes blockages and friction losses in business interaction so that fast, convenient and safe processes can be experienced. Digitizing your business processes with DocuSign will lower your operating costs, reduce errors and create a unique and superior customer experience.

DocuSign can do more than that: in addition to signing contracts, DocuSign also enables you to digitally approve and confirm business documents, collect data and send notifications. This makes it easy to obtain budget approval, collect customer data as part of a marketing campaign or notify your employees about the new travel policy without media disruptions through DocuSign.

The Forrester study, "Digital Transforms The Game of Business: Digital Transaction Management Emerging As Key Solution," published results on the needs and benefits of digital business. 400 executives from all over the world were asked about the competitive advantage of implementing a DTM solution. Results show that more than 80% of the decision makers surveyed see a clear or urgent need for DTM solutions. Further results of the study can be found on the DocuSign website.

Download the Forrester Study for free from DocuSign.