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Russian is a world language and is spoken by nearly 300 million people worldwide. For a long time it was also considered a business language, as Russian was considered particularly strong in this industry and is still well represented. The Russian language is related to Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian and has the Cyrillic alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet differs from our alphabet in that most of the letters have been adopted or derived from the Greek alphabet. What looks a bit confusing at first is quickly learned. Likewise, Russian is not a particularly difficult language and can be learned easily.

If you did not enjoy Russian lessons at school, you can catch up on Russian language lessons with the bab.la Russian German dictionary. The bab.la Russian German dictionary offers thousands of translations from Russian to German with just one click, but of course also in the other direction - speak not only Russian German translation, but also German Russian translation.

Of course, the fastest way to learn a language is to go straight to the country in which the language is spoken and do an internship there, for example. But before any Russian internship you have to prepare a lot. The bab.la Russian German dictionary will help you with the linguistic preparation.

The bab.la Russian German dictionary has an internship database in which you can find many Russian internships. Just click on the country Russia and you will see many Russian internships that you can apply for. You don't know how to write a Russian application or what the Russian application phrases are? No problem, the bab.la Russian German dictionary will help you with this step too. In the bab.la phrases you will find all the important sentences for your Russian application. But not only these, but also many other phrases such as for business correspondence or for travel.

If you have gained experience abroad in Russia or in another Russian-speaking country, you can consolidate the language skills you have already learned with the bab.la Russian German dictionary. You can do this best with our Russian games, such as Hangman or Memorize, with which you can easily repeat Russian vocabulary and learn new Russian vocabulary.

As you can see, the Russian-German dictionary accompanies you every step of the way and is always a great helper if you want to learn a language such as Russian.