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Anime Charts: Every Fan Should Have Seen These 5 Romance Anime!

What are the best romance anime of all time - and where is the best place to start as a novice anime girl? In our anime charts we present you the most popular and best romance anime!

The world of anime has countless captivating stories in store for every age group and fans of every genre - but with so much freedom of choice, it is sometimes not that easy to find the right anime.

Especially for beginnerswho have just started their journey into new anime territory - or all those infidels who, as anime fans, would also like to convert to the anime faith - the search for good entertainment is a real challenge.

The best romance anime legally and in German

With our anime charts, we want to make the decision easier for one or the other seasoned fan as well as anime newbies, and in this article we present a series of ingenious romance anime that are very popular with fans worldwide and all legally in German and sometimes even free of charge as a stream or disc are available.

The selection and placement of the individual series is based on both the popularity of the fan community and the personal assessment of the Ninotaku editorial team.

All series are legally available in German from at least one of the following providers: Crunchyroll, Anime on Demand, Wakanim, Netflix, Amazon

# 01: the best romance anime? - Toradora

Yep Title: Toradora!
Genre: Romance anime with comedy and slice of life
Target group: Shounen
Year of production: 2008
Seasons: 1

Ryuuji is a perfectly normal teenager and basically has nothing else in mind than simply to live an unspectacular high school life without a lot of stress and drama.

But life doesn't always play out as you want - because even though Ryuuji is actually a friendly young man, his rebellious face and his naturally aggressive demeanor ensure that others see him as a daredevil and troublemaker.

But not only Ryuuji has to deal with annoying image problems on a regular basis. The petite taiga, which always struts through the hallways of the school with a sturdy bamboo sword on its shoulder, is known and feared among its classmates as the "Palmop Tiger"!

Initially still at war with each other, the two soon find out that they harbor feelings for each other's best friend and soon seal an alliance that will unleash a whole series of crazy events and still hold many surprises in store for the two of them.

# 02: Crazy romance anime about the war of love - Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Yep Title: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Genre: Romance anime with comedy and slice of life
Target group: His
Year of production: 2019
Seasons: 3

The »Shuchiin« elite school is the noble educational nest of the rich and beautiful and the place where the hearts of the hardened Kaguya Shinomiya and the self-confident Miyuki Shirogane meet in a contest of love and intellect.

Immortally in love with each other, but too proud to reveal themselves and take the first step themselves, the two stubborn heads have made it their goal to wrest a love confession from each other for better or for worse.

But whoever gives in first, of course, has to admit defeat. Absolutely unthinkable for the two elite students - and so they now have to dig deep into their bag of tricks in order not to have to show any weakness and to be able to pave the way for their young love anyway.

# 03: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Yep Title: Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
Genre: Romance anime with comedy, drama, fantasy and slice of life
Target group: His
Year of production: 2018
Seasons: 1 + film

The rumor of a mysterious disease is making the rounds. A disease that supposedly only adolescents in adolescence suffer from and the symptoms of which are so hair-raising that most people can only wearily smile at the rumor. But they did not see what Sakuta Azusagawa saw. He knows full well that puberty syndrome is more than just an urban legend.

When the helpful young man met the popular Mai Sakurajima one day, who wandered through the library disguised as a bunny girl and, despite her daring outfit, no one even looked at her, one thing was immediately clear to him: she, too, was a victim of the mysterious disease .

Out of compassion and perhaps also because of corn's irresistible attraction, Sakuta decides to help her out of her misery - but he will soon notice that she is not the only girl who has succumbed to the bizarre illness and now needs his help.

# 04: remake of romance anime classic - Fruits Basket (2019)

Yep Title: Fruits Basket 1st Season
Genre: Romance anime with drama, fantasy and slice of life
Target group: Shoujo
Year of production: 2019
Seasons: 3 + alternative version

After Touro loses her parents in a tragic stroke of fate and her last living relative leaves her standing in the rain, the poor girl is forced to move into the wilderness and get through life all by herself.

However, by a happy coincidence, Touru's life changes for the better when one day she runs into young Yuki Soma. Since the wealthy young man cannot bring himself to simply leave the orphan girl alone in the forest, he offers Touro to employ her as a housekeeper on his family's estate.

Anime first impression: Fruits Basket 2019 - assessment after the first episode of the Shoujo remake!

But she has no inkling of the dark secret that will soon change her life: a curse weighs on the bloodline of the Somas, which forces some members of the family to transform into one of the Chinese zodiac signs every time they come into contact with the opposite sex .

Against all odds, Touro is not discouraged and rushes headlong into her turbulent new life at Soma.

# 05: The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Yep Title: Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo
Genre: Romance anime with comedy, drama and slice of life
Target group: Shounen
Year of production: 2012
Seasons: 1

The residents of the »Sakurasou« student dormitory are anything but normal. Known for their eccentric behaviors and all kinds of quirks, they always offend their "normal" people and ensure a good load of creative chaos wherever they even set foot.

Only the high school student Sorata, who has also found accommodation in the notorious Sakurasou, feels mightily out of place here - he actually doesn't have any special skills, qualities or any extravagant goals in life at all.

However, when one day a strange girl named Mashiro moves into the dormitory and Sorata slowly gets closer to the budding artist, not only his ideas of the future, but also his innermost emotional world, are shaken bit by bit.

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