What are your favorite vegetables to grow

Your garden in spring - sow your favorite vegetables!

For more freedom: prick out

It usually takes between one and two weeks for the seedlings to be large enough to fledge. You can recognize this, for example, by the fact that next to the cotyledon another pair of leaves shows. Or simply because that Plants too little space and seek to displace one another. Then is the best time to take the plants prick out.

This is how it works:

  1. Take one pencil or one Pricking stick and dig the plants along with their roots carefully individually or in clusters.
  2. Make a selection: For example, weaker seedlings can be added to your salad as sprouts. Move them strong, large quickly in a young plant pot.
  3. It is best to prepare beforehand small holes in the earth with the pencil or the prick stick, in which you then place the plants.
  4. Trim the roots of your plants a little before moving, that stimulates growth.
  5. Pour the plants and leave them keep growing.

Only the tough get into the garden

Before the plants are finally allowed to colonize your balcony or garden bed, you have to have a few for them Trial days plan where it ideally not too cold, but not too sunny either is. About a week before you finally want to place the plants on your balcony, you put them out exclusively during the day for a few days. If you have survived this well, you can then stay outside - perhaps still protected by a fleece - provided that the nights are frost-free.

And then comes the big moment: The young plant can really get out. In a raised bed, in a larger pot, in a plant bag or directly in your garden. Wherever she feels particularly comfortable. For this move you need a little bit of time and not necessarily bright sunshine. This is how you do it:

  1. take this Young plants from their pot and put them in water bath.
  2. After your bath, put them in that for before excavated planting holethat you then with Top up the substrate.
  3. Once again pour vigorously and - if necessary - with one Protect fleece from too much cold.

Now you know how to grow your own plants. But before you can get started, you have to ask yourself an important question: Which vegetables come into your garden in spring? Here we have a small decision-making aid for you: Lamb's lettuce, tomato, Beetroot, Kohlrabi and, of course, there must be a herb mint. They all have the potential to become your new favorites - give them a place in your garden and in your heart!