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Implementing ideas: this is how it works

What good are the best ideas if they just stay that way? Just. There are unused opportunities and in the end you get annoyed that you didn't manage to implement your own ideas. That is not to say that every idea is a promising flash of inspiration with which one can take the world by storm, but many ideas deserve a chance. The way of one theoretical idea for practical implementation however, it is often long and rocky, which is why only a few actually become a reality. We show what the Implementation stands in the way and how you can still manage your Turning ideas into action ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Implementing ideas: what's in the way?

At first glance, it seems so simple: once the idea is there, all you have to do is turn it into reality. So for many the problem seems to be more in creativity and that Finding a suitable idea to lie. Although this is not always easy and really good and brilliant ideas are rather rare, the difficulties do not stop there.

If the idea is there, it is still a long way to implementation and often it does not get that far in the first place. But why not?

  • Belief in your own success. Having an idea is all well and good, but it also takes the necessary self-confidence and the belief that this idea can actually be implemented successfully. If this basic attitude is lacking, the idea is discarded, although there may be great potential in it.
  • The doubts of the environment. It is not just your own doubts that can cause an idea to fail before it has even been implemented. Constant concerns about the environment can also create an enormous braking force, reduce motivation and ensure that you are no longer convinced of your idea yourself.
  • The necessary stamina. Unfortunately, the implementation of an idea usually takes a lot longer than expected. It is not uncommon for people to give up early because they lack stamina. Frustration at the initial lack of progress is often a problem.
  • The right course of action. Having an idea and implementing it are two completely different things. It is possible that there is simply a lack of knowledge about the appropriate procedure to take an idea out of your own thoughts into reality.

This is how your idea works

If you want to implement an idea, this always requires that too Courage to try something new. Perhaps you are entering an area in which you have not yet gained any experience or you are thinking outside the box. So that the implementation of your idea really works, you should think about a few things in advance and pay attention to a few things during the implementation. These six tips can help you to implement your ideas.

  1. Be realistic

    It is good to approach your idea with full motivation and always to believe that you can do it, but you should still not lose touch with reality. Ask critically whether what you intend to do is actually feasible. In this way you not only prevent disappointment if it does not work, but also give yourself the opportunity to develop your idea further and to take the necessary steps to make the idea feasible.

  2. Be aware of your personal resources

    First and foremost, of course, financial resources are considered, because the implementation of an idea usually also costs money, which is why capital is an important factor. But knowledge and manpower are also among the resources that you should think about in advance. Do you need a homepage that has to be programmed? Or do you just need help as you cannot do everything by yourself?

  3. Find yourself supporters

    Yes, it is your idea, but you shouldn't get stuck on wanting to do it all by yourself. Often times, significantly better results are achieved if you look for supporters who are at your side with advice and action. Not only will you reduce the stress and pressure on your shoulders, but you will also receive many new suggestions that you might not have come up with on your own.

  4. Set achievable goals

    Especially at the beginning, the implementation of an idea seems like chewing gum. Nothing goes fast enough, the frustration grows constantly and at some point you think that it won't work at all anymore. In order not to hang your head during this phase, smaller goals can help. Don't make up your mind to do everything at once, but rather tackle the mountain of tasks piece by piece. In this way you create yourself a sense of achievement over and over again, which increases your motivation and stamina.

  5. Ask for feedback as often as possible

    One of the most common mistakes is to keep your idea to yourself for as long as possible. Feedback is essential to fix the flaws and weaknesses in your own idea that you might overlook because you are so excited. So take the opportunity to ask others for their opinion. Feedback providers who are familiar with the area in which your idea is located are particularly helpful.

  6. Do not give up

    No matter how good the idea is: at some point you will face difficulties that cost a lot of energy and time, and sooner or later most will come to a point where they will toy with the idea of ​​simply giving up and devoting themselves to something else. Don't let setbacks discourage you straight away; continue to trust in the strengths of your idea.

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