Who makes the most comfortable pants

Comfortable pants & jeans for the home office: the four best models we wear now

Finding really comfortable pants or jeans can be a real challenge. We know that too. Because in addition to countless cuts and shapes, the material in particular is decisive, whether a pair of pants just looks good - or is actually as comfortable as jogging pants. And even if jeans and trousers are primarily for leisure and work and not (should) be worn for sports, there are still enough occasions when classic trousers can become uncomfortable on the leg. It's a short sprint to catch your lane, a ride on a bike - or even three-hour video conferences that we regularly encounter in times of corona and home office. (Also interesting: fashion forecast: will the T-shirt die out?)

That is why we are presenting our four favorite trousers here, which actually give you as much freedom of movement and comfort as sweatpants, but do not differ one bit from the original models. (Also Read: How To Look Good In A Video Conference In The Home Office)

1. Jeans: Diesel “JoggJeans”

The “JoggJeans” from Diesel are probably the most famous comfortable jeans. Once launched, it quickly worked its way to the top of the brand's most popular pants - and rightly so. The big advantage of the “JoggJeans” is that Diesel concentrated on the material. Conversely, this means that it is available in almost all common cuts. Carrot, Skiny, Slim, Tapered or Straight. Just choose your favorite cut that you have worn so far. (A detailed test report about the “JoggJeans” from Diesel can be found here)

“JoggJeans” from Diesel, from 150 euros, via Diesel

2. Jeans: Levi's “Flex”

Levi's is also throwing a new comfy jeans into the race this season: the “Flex”. And as the name suggests, flexibility is the top promise of these pants. The current testimonial of the new pants proves that this is also adhered to: Toshio Takagi, freestyle BMX rider. If nothing pinches and pinches even in competitive sports, these pants are really the best choice, no matter how exciting and active your everyday life is.

“Flex” from Levi's, from 99 euros, through Levi's

3. Pants: Shaping New Tomorrow "The Perfect Pants"

It is difficult to find comfortable pants that can be wonderfully integrated into everyday business life (we're talking about the post-Corona period in particular). But we have found one that we can really recommend to you. Shaping New Tomorrow is a label from Denmark that aims to combine comfort and style without compromise. The result of this symbiosis, in addition to shirts and shorts, are "The Perfect Pants", which are made from a cotton-Lycra blend. They are incredibly comfortable, keep their fit and look like classic business pants. It couldn't be better.

4. Jeans: Replay "Hyperflex Bio"

The last pair of jeans that we would like to introduce to you is the “Hyperflex” from Replay. Actually also an old hand among the comfy jeans, but they get regular updates. On the one hand, it's about the cut and washes, of course. On the other hand, it is also about the material. The new “Hyperflex Bio” is just as comfortable and stretchable as its predecessor, but is made entirely from sustainable cotton and recycled PET bottles. (You can find more sustainable fashion collections and pieces for men here)

“Hyperflex Bio” from Replay, from 159 euros, via Replay

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