What are the craziest films

Art Cinema: Paul Young shows the craziest films

Films, with or without a storyline, which one understands or not; in which a lot, little or nothing happens; that are animated, abstract, dream-like or concrete; in which there is talk or silence; that are documentary or staged; that are short or long or much, much longer; which have their appeal in the formal or in the visual; that are cluttered, minimal or whatever.

"It may be difficult to define, but you recognize it when you meet it," Potter Stewart is said to have once said - the late US Court Justice spoke about pornography. Paul Young, author of the book "Art Cinema", now quotes Potter Stewart to describe the broad field of art film.

You could actually have left it at that. But because there are always people who want to know a little more precisely, Young has divided the subject into ten categories - from surrealist film to post-surrealism to lyrical film, from landscape film to city symphony, from collage to portrait film to Dada and even more, although it cannot be ruled out that a lyrical landscape may not appear here and there in a surrealist city portrait for the purpose of Dada.

Unsuccessful? Inedible? Not at all!

Even the thesis that art films were only made for specialists, and therefore inedible for the mass audience and completely unsuccessful from a commercial point of view, is not tenable. After all, directors such as Jean Cocteau, Luis Buñuel, Peter Greenaway and David Lynch have also shot well-known classics.

So it’s tricky, and after reading the almost 200 pages, you’re actually not much smarter. But you saw all sorts of beautifully selected pictures from around a hundred years of film history and thought: What is not there! One really ought to see this or that film urgently.

Andalusian dog riddle

For example the surrealist masterpiece “An Andalusian Dog” by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali from 1929, in which, according to Young, the two directors went to great lengths to create a sequence of images and scenes that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Once you see a cloud passing by on the moon, immediately afterwards a man cuts a woman's eye with a razor. Later a man chases after a woman until he suddenly discovers that he is tied to a concert grand piano with two rotting donkeys on which two clergymen are tied.