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The history of search engines - from the first index for FTP archives in 1990 to Microsoft's mobile voice assistant in 2014.

With timelines like this, you notice again how quickly time has passed - or how much you have aged yourself in the meantime. Because I still remember well how I surfed the Internet for the first time in 1993 while studying abroad in England.

At that time, for example, there was still the gopher service as a graphic access system to the Internet - an alternative to the World Wide Web, which appeared around the same time. Correct internet search engines were still in short supply. The very first was Archie - a search index specially designed for FTP archives from 1990.

As the first major search engine, Excite was launched at the beginning of 1993. For many early Internet users like myself, Altavista, designed by the US computer manufacturer Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), was even more important. The service started in early 1994 and was something of the search engine standard for the first few years.

That should only change with the start of today's search leader ‘Google - albeit not immediately: After the start in 1996, it felt like it took until the turn of the millennium for Google to take the lead in this country. The rest is history - today Google has a quasi-monopoly with a market share of 93 percent in Europe.

But even after that there are still innovations in the search engine market - one thinks, for example, of the Google alternative DuckDuckGo, which got by without storing user data and which got started in 2008. Or the voice-based search assistant Siri for the iPhone from 2011 and Cortana in the Microsoft mobile system Windows Phone since 2014.

For more facts and figures from 25 years of Internet search engine history, click twice on the following infographic (it will be smaller the first time):


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