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Deepthroat: This is how the blowjob technique works without nausea

Deepthroat is a very special type of blow job. Men love it when women take the cock deep in their mouths. But women can also benefit from it: with a thyroid orgasm.
A popular cultural memorial was made to this sex practice with the US American pornography "Deep Throat" from 1972. In the low-budget film, lead actress Linda Lovelace discovers her missing clit in her throat and finds her fulfillment during oral sex. The deepthroat shown there has been known worldwide since the film, although the thing itself is of course as old as humanity itself. Men love it, women are not always so completely convinced of its advantages.
"This can also lead to great orgasms for women," says Silja Rehfeldt. The 40-year-old Berliner teaches “Integral Transpersonal Sexology and Tantric Science” at the Dutch Rasayana Tantra Academy. So far, deepthroat was primarily known as a man who brings pleasure, but the pleasure women can experience in it has so far been a secret. “The thyroid gland is in the throat and it can provide an orgasm,” explains Silja Rehfeldt, who offers “body-oriented process work” in her “United Bliss” practice in Berlin-Friedrichshain. However, if you google for "thyroid orgasm", you will not find it. This erogenous zone is still completely unknown. "Like any gland, the thyroid gland is orgiastic - and can even ejaculate," explains Rehfeldt.
The penis doesn't even have to touch the thyroid gland. It is completely sufficient if you take it deep enough, then the gland, which is responsible for the hormonal balance, is already stimulated. "It's a deep orgasm that is almost reminiscent of a full-body orgasm," explains Rehfeldt. “Afterwards you feel a completely new width and looseness in the throat.” If you are very excited, the thyroid gland even ejaculates. "It then secretes a milky liquid that is different from clear saliva and slowly runs out of the mouth."
But women also benefit from deepthroat in other areas. “Women in particular often have blockages in their throats. It is difficult for them to say what they want, to set limits or to defend themselves verbally. Deepthroat loosens these emotional blockages and women can speak more openly, ”explains Rehfeldt.
On the physical level, too, a lot can be healed through deepthroat. "I have often seen that afterwards the dosage of the medication could be reduced in the case of thyroid diseases," explains Rehfeldt. In addition, a relaxed neck ensures a relaxed pelvis. "Here, too, I noticed a lot of healing in the uterus and in the pelvic area."
But how does deep throating work?
1) First of all, if you don't want to, let it. You don't have to go through everything.
2) "Many women are reluctant to open their mouths wide," says Rehfeldt. Some women fail to swallow a pill or put a lollipop in their mouths. Therefore, she advises to practice that first.
3) Relaxation exercises of the jaw, mouth and neck help before deepthroating.
4) How to outsmart the gag reflex. When you push the penis deep into the throat, a gag reflex sets in. Actually a good thing, but with deepthroat you have to practice how to overcome it. This is best done with your own fingers. Simply push it back in the throat as far as possible and then leave it there. After a few minutes the gag reflex subsides, then it goes on. But be careful, there is a risk of injury and suffocation.
5) "You have to find the best angle and then try to breathe calmly," advises Silja Rehfeldt. Relaxation helps. So go as far as you can - and then relax. Breathe slowly and deeply. Have patience!
6) Don't worry that it will take too long. Your husband is enjoying every second.
7) "It is best not to make any suction movements or play with the tongue, it tires the muscles too much," advises Rehfeldt.
8) "Gagging" helps. "Gagging" means choking. And it is precisely these noises, i.e. gagging, moaning or rattling, that not only turn the man on, but also relax your muscles.
9) It is best to agree a few show of hands with the partner. One for "stop" and one for "continue".
10) The best positions are the 69 position. It works particularly well when the partner hyperextends the neck. But the classic position also works: He lies on his back and the partner kneels in front of him.
11) However, the man must not tense the abdominal muscles. This lifts the penis and the gag reflex can be triggered.
12) "In consultation with the man, you use him," explains Silja Rehfeldt. "Then the partner is not allowed to move, but the woman sets the pace and uses it for her healing and her orgasm."
13) While the penis slowly disappears into the throat, calmly stroke the neck upwards and caress the thyroid gland. That stimulates the gland.
14)Deep throat sprays help to numb the throat for hours and stop the gag reflex. But they are counterproductive if you want to have an orgasm.
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